TutorDirect: A Better Way

TutorDirect is a new kind of tutoring platform

The most popular tutoring sites and agencies have moved towards unreasonably high commissions and restrictive contracts. At TutorDirect, we believe there is a better way and we're making it happen. Our guiding principle is to prioritise the needs of Tutors as independent businesses:

  • We will not charge commissions on lessons, take contact fees, require the use of a booking system to schedule and monitor lessons, restrict your communications or tell you how to run your business.
  • We'll provide a modern web presence and dashboard, handle Internet marketing, Data Analytics, and the technical underpinnings of the platform.
  • We'll provide data-driven recommendations for improving your visibility and sign up rates
  • We'll provide 3rd party independent validation and checks (qualifications, identity, DBS etc.) and maintain service standards.

Your work. Your rates. Your money.

Our plan is for the service to eventually be available as a very reasonably priced flat subscription tied to your max hourly rate. The monthly cost should amount to between 0.5-1.5x of the cost of a single hour of tuition. However, the service will be completely free up to the end of the year so this is a very good chance to make back some of that income lost over the recent months of COVID.

We're focused on the needs of fully independent tutors

As tutors ourselves, we really want this model to work and we've set out to prove that it can. We are running UK-wide marketing campaigns that have generated enough interest that we are starting to turn work away. We are happy to welcome other tutors onboard to be part of what we are building and guide the development of our service. Join over 300 other tutors making the move to independence, sign up now and please remember to price your services competitively as you will be keeping 100% of your earnings.

If you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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