Abbass Karimjee English and Maths Specialist Teacher PGCE, Bachelors

  • Travels 5.0 miles
  • Online Tuition
  • Qualified Teacher
  • Experienced Primary and now Secondary and 6th Form school teacher.
  • Currently teaching at outstanding secondary and 6th form. 
  • Enough experience to identify key gaps in pupils learning early to increase progress potential.
  • Taught a range of subjects/exam skills across the curriculum
  • Worked as English specialist both in Primary and Secondary schools working to prepare pupils towards GCSE success.
  • Passion for English Literature & Shakespeare
  • Love football and actively involved in playing twice a week and coaching young children in my free time (FA Level 2 Coaching Badge)
  • Good at engaging reluctant readers.
  • Expert at stretching bright children to achieve Grade 9's. 
  • Have a succesful track record with a range of children
  • Parents of my previous students keep returning with younger siblings. 

About Me

Tutoring Experience

  • Experience English specialist in Primary & Secondary Schools
  • 80% success rate at 11+ tutoring last year
  • Key Stage 2
  • Key Stage 3
  • Key Stage 4 (all exam boards, AQA, OCR, Edexcel)
  • 100% GCSE Pass Rate
  • Extensive experience teaching English to children whose first language is not English.
  • Worked as Head of Thinking skills: so able to develop learning activities that develop skills in innovative and creative ways.
  • Flexible working hours and availability
  • Full CRB clearance
  • Use a holistic approach, teaching key revision/study skills are just as important as the knowledge and background.

Tutoring Approach

Do you have any experience of tutoring?
I have been tutoring students of all ages for the last 7 years. Please follow the above link to see my feedback from students and parents.

Why should you hire me as your tutor?
As you can see my background enables me to identify and diagnose effectibely where a student has a weakness in their understanding and my breadth of knowledge allows me to use a wide range of resources to help support a student in thier learning.

How much does it cost?
Cost vary depending on need and subject as well as age. I generally charge bewteen £15 an hour to £40 an hour.

What is the most important thing my child can do to help them improve ?
Simple. Reading fiction. It is proven both for their academic progress and for their mental well being.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.
- Specific Plan for each child
- Take on board children's preferred learning styles.
- Regular assessment & feedback
- Friendly and relaxed atmosphere
- Innovative teaching style (use of drama techniques to understand Shakespeare)
- Excellent bank of Resources available



Services include:

  • KS2 SATS
  • 11+
  • KS3 English & Maths
  • KS4 English & Maths
  • KS5 English Literature


Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level
Maths - £15 - -
English - £15 - -
English - - £20 -
English Literature £30 - - £30


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening
Monday - - -
Tuesday - - -
Wednesday - - -
Thursday - - -
Friday - - -
Saturday -
Sunday - - - -



  • Denzel MagumeParent

    Aug 2020
    At the end of yr10 after failing my english mocks, my parents were very anxious about whether i was going to pass. So they signed me up for a tutor and a really good one to be truthful. With the great help of Abbass through questions from past papers and many unique pieces of revision material i managed to pass and it gave me the confidence i need to keep me going in the future, i seriously couldn’t recommend him more.
  • Sabeeha AhmedParent

    Sep 2019
    I was a student who struggled in school, I would always be the one that was taken out of extra curricular activities for intervention but it never really worked out that well to help me. Until one day I met Abbass Karimjee; suddenly in 6 months my school grades went up so rapidly and I quickly went from being the person who always needed help and instead became the go-to person who others would always ask to help. Now I am the one often chosen by teachers to explain concepts and that is the impact that he has made in my life. He gave me the confidence to be able to tackle any topic or challenge.
  • Adil SandhuParent

    Aug 2019
    My english skills have developed massively thanks to Abbas in the time he has spent with me. He taught me to use sophisticated vocabulary and how to structure essays and stories which were vital for my English GCSEs. In my year 11 mock I achieved a 5 in English Language but today I received a 7 in both English Language and English Literature.
  • Adam SandhuParent

    Nov 2017
    Personally I feel that Abbas truly helped me in English and guided me through every aspect of English ensuring I understood all topics. From an inconsistent student achieving an average of 5’s and 6’s, I attained an 8 and a 7 in GCSE language and literature. With his help and motivation I was able to switch my mindset and truly focus on what I needed to do to achieve high grades. He also showed me that English wasn’t just long boring essays but rather something much more interesting. In conclusion, he is a great teacher and I thank him for the support he has given me. Adam year 12
  • Karen HughesParent

    Oct 2017
    My daughter started preparing for the 11+ plus relatively late. She was not far off the required standard but she needed some targeted tuition. She has made a remarkable improvement in her performance since starting with Abbas. He is a good tutor, and gives feedback to me about my daughter when I come to collect her . He also recommended some important 11+ learning resources that my daughter found most helpful. I would happily recommend Abbas to anyone preparing for the 11+.
  • Doreen CopelandParent

    Oct 2017
    As a parent I can see a big difference within my children's learning for instance the higher levels in their confidence and being able to expand on their knowledge. I would definitely recommend Abbas to any other parent or student.