Abinav KS3/GCSE/A-level/IB Maths & Physics

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Hey there! I'm Abinav, starting university this year online at UCL for Computer Science. 

I have:

- 3 years experience tutoring GCSE students in maths and physics in my school's mentoring society:

My approach to teaching is very question-driven. I will gauge my students' strengths/weaknesses within the subject and set them questions at the right level of difficulty. These are either sometimes completed home, after which we will go through the questions and explain the theory to answer each one. More commonly, questions are done within the session with my guidance/prodding in the right direction, and we will break off into mini-sessions to explain specific content when needed. 

Achieved the maximum of 45 IB points in the 2020 session, putting me in the top 0.5th percentile worldwide

- Achieved 10A*s/9s/8s at GCSE

I also have 4 years experience with programming in Java, and made my own app for Android (Trickshott: Endless Highlights Recorder) and have guided a fair few people into creating projects of their own. 

(03/20) Note about the quarantine: Having to teach online shouldn't affect the quality of my question-based approach. My plan is to have the questions digitally on the screen and ideally have the student print it for themselves too, so we're (literally) on the same page. 



- Online (zoom) tutoring for maths or physics, or in-person if close to Birmingham 

- I will find and prepare specific questions for the session if needed



KS3 GCSE A-Level Other
Further Maths - £15 - -
Java - - - £15
Maths £15 £15 £15 £15
Physics £15 £15 £15 £15


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