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Hi there,

My name Aleks and I am a friendly and relaxed tutor. My goal is to teach effectively without stress. From the many years of my experience at the uni (been studying science for 12 years!) I found that stress is the biggest blockage in becoming fluent in all subjects,  especially maths and physics.

I believe strongly that you need to be relaxed (at least to a degree!) to THINK!   :) 

About Me

I have been tutoring aside my full time job for the last 4 years, having in total 7 students. The number may not seem impressive, but it was deliberately kept low.  This is because I prepare for each different tuition and I lead the students for many months towards their exams. It is a time consuming process for me, so I am unable to have more than 3 students at any one time.  I tailor the lessons to the needs of individuals, and adjust my teaching style as we progress with lessons.  I found that each student is different and so each tuition must be different. I advocate for quality not quantity. 

I have a good grasp of what is required for A-level and GSCE exams. I can not only teach the subject but I also prepare the student for the exam itself, as well as for the future studies and work.  I try to pass all the good habits I acquired as a student and later a scientist and engineer to the student,  and warn them from some of the bad practice I experienced myself. 

Most of  my students passed their exams with As and Bs,  some of them however decided to change their exam plans altogether - regardless of their decisions and their results,  I treat all the outcomes as a success and I take a great pride in being able to lead them through this difficult time in their life.  At the same time I appreciate it being a massive responsibility, and that's why I treat it seriously.


I am happy to teach maths and physics at any level, my experience however is primarily in GSCE and A-Level. 


GCSE A-Level
Physics £35 -
Maths £35 -
Maths - £40
Physics - £40


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