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I'm a graduate engineer currently in my second year of working in the large projects sector with a background in Aero-Mechanical Engineering (Strathclyde, 1st Class). I have been interested in the sciences since I was young and having a parent that taught fostered this interest. At secondary school, sat mainly academic classes and achieved a respectable combination of A*s and As. To achieve this, I had to work hard and I often studied well into my own time. I achieved grades that earned me a place at a highly sort after 6th Form college: Welbeck Defence 6th Form. Here I studied AS Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Electronics and chose to continue the first 3 to A level in my second year. During second year, I became a house tutor for my main three subjects for first year students. After achieving 3 As, I proceeded to study Aero-Mechanical engineering at my first choice of university in Glasgow at Strathclyde. During my degree, I not only achieved the Dean's Award (any student over 70% each year) for every year of my degree, I also played an active role in the city's University Air Squadron (UAS) and my university's hockey club. I often found myself mentoring other mechanical engineering students in the years below me through these avenues and my own friends groups.

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Whilst I have no formal teaching experience, my first experience mentoring someone starting back at GCSE level when my mum (a classroom assistance at the time) was sitting her own GCSE science exams at the same time as I was. She found it much more difficult than I, so I spent some of my time consolidating my own knowledge by helping her. As mentioned, I then went on to become a second year house tutor at college, helping with Maths, Chemistry and Physics AS level with first year students. This was on a once/twice weekly basis whereby I would sit in my house common room during the assigned 2 hour slot each night that was set aside for homework. Everyone on campus was expected to learn during this time so many students would come to the common room where I could move between students and help with various problems. Again, this significantly consolidated my own knowledge from AS and helped me study better for my own exams. Finally, at university, my mentoring was much less formally organised, but through the UAS I met several students from the years below me whom I often provided help to in our university library. By 5th year, I was a team leader for students who had come through the same scheme as I had and I spent much more time helping them 1-1 at this point.


I am comfortable tutoring Maths, Chemistry and Physics at both GCSE and AS/A Level.


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    I have achieved a first class degree in Aero-Mechanical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde. I have covered the following areas at a range of levels: -Engineering Maths -Mechanics -Fluid Mechanics -Thermodynamics -Nuclear Engineering -Basic Electrical Engineering -Materials Science -Analytical Methods -Aerodynamics