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Hi there! So I’m Alex and I’ve just finished studying my masters degree in Drug Discovery and Development at Imperial College London. My fascination and passion for science has developed throughout my academic life and I believe to have found my true calling with this subject. It encompassed both advanced Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry disciplines, both of which I find intellectually stimulating and most of all, fascinating! Currently, I'm about to enroll in a PhD within the drug discovery and development discipline at the University of Southampton in collaboration with a global pharmaceutical company - Merck.


About Me

I'm a Drug Discovery and Development - Chemistry PhD student at the Univerisity of Southampton with 2+ years of tutoring experience. I have graduated from Imperial College London with a distinction in my Masters of Research: Chemistry - Drug Discovery and Development, in addition to a First class degree in Biochemistry at the University of Exeter. I have completed over 300 tutoring sessions over this time and very much looking forward to completing many more!


I offer services for all Chemistry A level and GCSE examination boards and also aid in teaching anyone struggling in other higher education courses that encompass Chemistry!

As a tutor, personally the key responsibilities are to teach effectively as possible, fore-fill your academic dreams and leave you satisfied with my services. To do this, a meeting before tuition sessions with the tutee would be preferable so we can discuss how you learn effectively (visual, audio, read/write & kinesthetics), academic goals, examination boards and what you want me to cover (whether it being the whole syllabus or specific areas). 

Material wanting to be covered in future tuition sessions will be discussed in the previous meetings to provide me time to prepare a productive learning session for you, including:

- Establishing a lesson plan that will implement helpful learning styles for the student.

- A Q&A at the end of the session to test what you have learnt or revised.

- Homework! Setting particular exam questions or questions of my own devising!

- Finding exam questions we can practice together to find weaknesses in your knowledge.

- Finding mark schemes to analyse to make sure you can answer questions the way examiners want you to!

I hope through this profile that I establish myself as a friendly, flexible and enthusiastic educator that wishes to tend to the academic needs of the student. I wish to encourage students to further develop as scientists and learners and provide the best service I can so when that results day arrives, they have a reason to celebrate!


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  • Masters - Chemistry - Drug Discovery and Development Verification Requested

    Multidisciplinary research course providing comprehensive insight into the current state and the future of drug discovery. The course consisted of a full-time nine-month research project with numerous written and oral assessments. I have been challenged to develop my own ideas, present to large audiences and multitask in an intellectually challenging environment.

  • Bachelors - Biochemistry with Industrial Experience Verification Requested

    Multidisciplinary course focusing on the understanding of the biochemical control of biological processes. The course challenged my learning agility with multiple oral and written assessments completed to tight deadlines. Furthermore, I have significantly developed my leadership and team player skills having taken part in numerous successful group projects working with students from various backgrounds.