Alexandra Biology and Science Tutor

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I am currently a Biomedical Science PhD student based in Plymouth, I have recently completed my bachelors biomedical science degree with a 2:1 and studied biology and chemistry at A Level. During my undergraduate degree I have been a part of the Peer Assisted Learning Scheme (PALS) in which I aided those in the earlier stages of biomedical and related degrees with both their academic studies and management of time. Currently I am a laboratory demonstrator alongside my PhD where I help advance current undergraduate students understanding of the topics taught and the practical applications of these.


My current teaching method is to let the student lead the conversation as it is their understanding of the topic that needs to be improved and I am there to assist and expand on areas they struggle with. Where students struggle more with certain topics or do not know where to start I am happy to take action and lead exciting and fun sessions to expand their knowledge. I am based in Plymouth and am able to have students come to my home to learn or online tutoring.


GCSE A-Level
General Science £8 -
Biology - £8


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening