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Hi, my name is Aminah. I'm a 21 year old aspiring writer and currently in the midst of writing my first ever novel. I'm also taking part in a 2 year writing course at The Writers Bureau. I love the world of young adult fantasy and sci-fi and I dream of having my book on the shelves next to my favourite authors. When I'm not busy writing, I'm spending time with my cat or painting. 

About Me

In regards to my own education and experince:

  • I have an A grade in Higher English.
  • I have worked as a classroom assistant in a Primary 1 class for 8 months. Supporting the teacher and the pupils in all areas of learning. 
  • I was a youth leader for 2 years at a local youth group in my city. Therefore, I have experience working with young people from all different backgrounds.
  • I am currently enrolled in an online writing course at The Writers Bureau. 


I offer tutoring in English for Primary School and High School students, I can cover specific areas such as: 

  • Close Reading 
  • Creative and personal writing 
  • Critical Thinking 

I can offer general support with reading and bilingual support if Urdu is your first language. 

Please contact me to enquire about any other areas of English that you need support with that I have not listed above. 

*The tutoring sessions will be held online via Skype or Zoom. Or you can simply ask me questions via email*


A-Level Primary GCSE
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English - - £20
English - £15 -


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