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I have always been incredibly passionate about the humanities and arts. Growing up in a family amongst actors, this was inevitable. I have recently graduated from the University of Exeter where I attained a high 2.1 in English Literature, Art History and Visual Culture. I have also trained in Theatre Directing at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts. In my spare time, when I am not reading rigorously around art theory or literature, I work as a freelance director. I have extensive experience in tutoring GCSE and A-level English, History of Art and Drama, helping students achieve top A and A* grades.

About Me

What can I offer?

I studied at the Arts Educational Schools London, which specialises in all of the arts and humanities. For Art History I am particularly knowledgeable in the topics of 19th century European painting and Modernism (1900-1945), which I myself studied at A-level with AQA and in my first year of University. I also offer tuition in Drama and English GCSE and A-level.

English Literature:

I will help you learn and memorise the vital tool kit that is necessary for in depth and yet succinct analysis of poetry and prose extracts, which examiners are looking for. This consists of specific linguistic and structural devices which you must identify in the exam to achieve top marks.

Art History:

I will tailor lessons according to YOUR specific needs. Every student is different. Whether that be training your eye for
1) Visual analysis
2) Helping you to fluently structure your essays
3) Theory.
Through asking key questions such as: How would I describe the artist's brushwork? What range of colours are they using? How would you describe the use of perspective? What type of scene is this? / What time of day? – How can we tell? What effect is thus achieved? Together we will train your eye to conduct the perfect visual analysis. As training the ear is crucial for music, it is equally paramount to train the eye for Art History.

Drama/Theatre studies:

As an actor and director myself, I can share rare, yet vital knowledge into the inner workings of the theatre industry which will help you with your Drama GCSE/A level exams. Having been through this examination process myself recently, I know the system inside out. By shedding light on the loopholes that exist in the marking criteria I can help you achieve top marks, whilst making lessons genuinely interesting and inspiring!

Essentially, I will base lessons around two crucial criteria:
A) Ticking boxes which examiners are grading on, in order to achieve the A’s and A* that you are capable of.
B) Genuinely instilling you with interest and passion into the subjects that you will explore and master. Most importantly, we will achieve the top grades and develop a deep passion and interest for the subjects that we embark on together.

To sum up, I am extremely patient and empathetic with how difficult and seemingly unconquerable exams may seem at first. However, from my own experience I must assure you that with the correct help and guidance these GCSE's and A levels can become exciting, inspiring and most importantly, fulfilling. Once we master the tools and techniques of approaching exams, all the knowledge which you learn can be put to use correctly. So, let's stop gruelling through our academics and start actively enjoying them and become experts in our fields. My lessons will be fun, structured, clear and tailored to your absolute needs.

I charge £20 p/h for GCSE
I charge £25 p/h for A-Level

Reviews from previous parents of students:

Juliette (Parent) February 23 2017
'My daughter really enjoyed learning from Anastasia and look forward to further meetings.' - 5/5

Mansura (Parent) March 5 2017
'Really informative lesson. Learnt alot' - 5/5


GCSE English Literature and Language

GCSE Drama


A-level English Literature

A-level Drama

A-level History of Art. 


I charge £20 p/h for GCSE tuition and £25 p/h for A-levels.


GCSE A-Level Degree Professional
Acting - - £20 -
English Literature - £25 - -
English £20 - - -
English Literature £20 - - -
Drama £20 - - -
Drama - £25 - -
Acting - - - £20


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  • Mansura (Parent)Parent

    May 2018
    'Really informative lesson. Learnt alot' - 5/5
  • Juliette (Parent)Parent

    Dec 2017
    'My daughter really enjoyed learning from Anastasia and look forward to further meetings.' - 5/5