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My name is Andrea Demetriou and I am a student studying 3 A-Levels; Psychology, Sociology, and English Literature. I am most enthusiastic towards literature as the study opens up a world of inspiration and creativity, while also developing skills that are essential for today's global environment. I am aiming to make students fall in love with the subject just as I did and make learning fun, especially through these difficult times, by planning fun and worthwhile lessons.

I have experience with younger pupils as I work at a dance school and teach students greek dance whilst being a safe legal guardian. Furthermore, I have mentored pupils in year 7 and worked with them to help maintain a good work ethic regarding the change from primary to secondary school.

Additionally, considering I am still a student I will be able to relate to stress of students and help with more up to date revision techniques that helped me gain A grades at GCSE and I will be able to identify with the student I am turtoring.

Overall, I am willing to devote my time to help pupils from key stage 2 right up to GCSE with English Literature and English Language. 

Thank you.

Andrea Demetriou.

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English Literature, English Language - Key Stages 2+3+4 (GCSE level).


Tuition for English KS1, KS2, and KS3.

Tuition for English Literature GCSE.

Tuition for English Language GCSE.



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  • Stelios LouizouParent

    Jan 2020
    Andrea is a valid member of our dance group. She has her ways with the children which the parents evidently admire. Andrea is loved by all and is able to express herself well with the teachers, staff members, and the students whom she teachers.