Miss DJ Empowering EYFS & Primary Educator Diploma, Certificate, PGCE, QTS, Diploma

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Hi there!

How are you?

I am an Empowering Educational Consultant who specialises in EYFS and Primary education.

I have been educating for over twenty years and am also a Montessori Practitioner.

I am a children's book author and enjoy roller skating, reading and learning.

I look forward to learning all about you and it has been a pleasure sharing a little about me here.

Speak soon!


About Me

I have travelled and worked with children and their parents extensively around the globe.

I also homeschooled my own child and find the educational process an engaging, exciting and adventurous one!

I have published three books and am currently working on the illustrations for the next forty short story children's books I have written.

I have designed courses to support reading, comprehension and handwriting and am currently working on several numeracy courses.

I enjoy approaching learning objectives through the child's interests and design tailor-made projects to supprt the core and foundation subjects.

I am an avid music fan and enjoy travelling, reading and learning new things.


Parental Consultations

EYFS - All areas

Primary - All areas

Educational Plans

Reading Buddy



Primary Professional
Non-Verbal Reasoning £30 -
Verbal Reasoning £30 -
History £25 -
General Science £25 -
Phonics £25 -
Geography £25 -
EFL - £30
Maths £25 -
English £25 -
Reading £30 -



  • Ms. McNairParent

    Nov 2020
    The education of my grand daughter and the easy to use program design is amazing! She was able to apply methods used by Ms. DJ and also thought of her own creative games to assist with consolidation. I shout Miss DJ recommendations from the rooftops!
  • Mrs. Klarkson (Parent)Parent

    Nov 2020
    Hi Miss DJ, It is a pleasure to feedback for you! My daughter thoroughly enjoys your lessons and is always raring to tell me what she learned straight after each lesson. Her confidence is soaring with spelling now and I am so relieved she is actually enjoying going to school and learning. The advice and pep talks you give me have really helped to support Melanie's learning at home and we both enjoy your presence in our lives. Such a great individual and teacher. Thank-you for all you do!
  • Sabrina (Parent)Parent

    Oct 2020
    My eight year old enjoyed your presentations as they are really easy to understand and follow. I really like the concrete to abstract approach which you use and it helped that you explained the process to me before the sets of classes went ahead because it allowed me to further support my son at home, Thank-you Miss DJ!
  • Lara (KS2)Parent

    Sep 2020
    I am glad that Miss DJ taught me maths in year 6 before going to secondary. I was prepared well, developed and guided correctly. She has the ability to teach maths with easy methods. I'm more confident in maths now even when it is becoming harder as the year goes by. She taught us that although maths has a lot of formulas to learn, there are also so many ways to solve the problems. I really appreciate her hard work and patience in helping me and wish she could be my teacher forever!
  • Ms. Peterson (Parent)Parent

    Aug 2020
    I'm so thrilled to have signed my daughter up to take classes with Miss DJ. This experience helped to quench my daughter's thirst for learning, just for the sake of learning! After each session, my daughter would share with me what she learned without my having to ask. (Did I mention she's a teenager? Teenagers don't get excited about anything! Except TikTok, of course). She was genuinely excited about learning information that she considered useful. She was excited to learn a new language. She was even excited to learn math! She's always hated math! I'm not sure if there's a connection or not but she's currently most excited about her math class in school this semester. She's actually getting an A! Ms. DJ is a very caring and empathetic person. She is the epitome of professionalism and what educators should strive to be. I would definitely recommend signing your children up for a course with Educate the Globe. You'll be glad you did.
  • Ms. Stratham (Parent)Parent

    Jul 2020
    Miss DJ is one of my daughter's best teachers. Her lessons are effective, exciting and engaging. My daughter's attitude towards English is more positive now and her confidence has grown a lot. She enjoys reading and writing much more and I think this is because Miss DJ is able to convey subject materials in easy ways. She always makes sure, if my daughter doesn't understand something, to explain in the same thing in different ways until she does.
  • YasmineParent

    Jun 2020
    My daughter felt the class was to short. That means she really like the class! Thank-you!
  • Shen (Parent)Parent

    Jun 2020
    It was very enjoyable, the children were happy to see other children and wished they could speak to them. The presentation was fun, lively and relaxed. They learned a lot and remembered the colourful interactive information and especially appreciated the diverse representation of African people. (African History Course - Class 3 Feedback)
  • Michael Clarke (Parent)Parent

    Jun 2020
    Excellent for younger generation to be part of something that they can identify with that reflects their true heritage. (African History Course Feedback)
  • Mrs. Ukaigwe (Parent)Parent

    Jun 2020
    They really enjoyed the dancing and learning about Ghanaian numbers and days of the week! Thank-you for immersing my children with a wealthy African experience!
  • Kenza (KS3)Parent

    Jun 2020
    Miss D has always been an inspiration to me. She was the first teacher I had that made a positive impact in my life. During school Ii never had teachers that were form a similar background to mine. It made her very relatable but also someone to aspire to. She was more than just my English teacher to me. Her way of keeping your attention in class, even with kids that had certain challenges when it came to learning, was really engaging and looking back quite impressive. She taught me how to stand up for myself. To value genuine connections you have with people and to always stay humble. She made me feel seen and I will forever be in debt to her for what she saw in me when she was my teacher. Thank-you Miss D, truly.
  • Halima (KS2)Parent

    May 2020
    My favourite activity in today's class was drawing the rose and all the artwork drawn from the special guest. (African History Course - Class 4 Feedback)
  • Loretta (Parent)Parent

    May 2020
    Thank-you for all your help with my son. He is much more confident with his reading and writing now. He especially enjoyed your approach to spelling. Thank-you so much.
  • Faisal (KS2)Parent

    May 2020
    You are the best teacher I have ever had! I learned a lot of things from you like alliteration, onomatopoeia and similes!
  • Ms. TilsonParent

    Mar 2020
    A very informative class! My bright 3 year old was very engaged and wanted to know more! (Phonics Class Feedback)
  • Hamad (Parent)Parent

    Mar 2020
    Thank-you for all your hard work. My daughter likes the way you make things easy for her to understand.
  • Sama (KS2)Parent

    Mar 2020
    Miss DJ makes the whole room laugh, smile and much more... One day she told me this quote “Work hard, play hard” I didn’t really know what it meant at first, but soon enough I learned it all. Math was boring, Miss DJ made it fun. History was boring, Miss DJ made it fun. English was boring, Miss DJ made it fun. Science was boring, Miss DJ made it fun. She made tons of things fun, jokes, subjects, work methods etc. And it’s funny how the year ended really fast for me. I couldn’t spend much time with her. It was sad but I got to see her online and it made me happy again because of this pandemic going around. I wish her and her new students the best of luck and hopefully they enjoy being around her as much as I did!
  • Qasayed (KS2)Parent

    Feb 2020
    Thank-you for challenging me and making me grow. I love your lessons!!! You are the best teacher for me!
  • Mrs. Omari-HakimParent

    Feb 2020
    Halima enjoyed the class but we did have a delay issue due to our internet. However the class was very well put together. Thank-you Miss DJ! (African History Course Class 2 Feedback)
  • Veronica (EYFS)Parent

    Feb 2020
    I like the learning and the pictures and the funny voices with the animals.
  • Mohammed (KS3)Parent

    Dec 2019
    Miss DJ, You have always gone the extra mile for me and I didn't notice until I stopped learning with you. You believe in me and it makes me believe in myself. I know I gave you a hard time but you didn't mind so thank-you. I will try to remember all the revision advice you gave me. We have assessments next week! AARRRGGHH! But thank-you because you made me know more.
  • Mr. Alhalki (Parent)Parent

    Dec 2019
    Miss DJ did teach my son Ali this year. Ali especially enjoyed maths and geography with her. I appreciate her support and good follow up throughout the year including the regular communication with me and my wife. I hope the best for her in her career.
  • Mrs. Brown (Parent)Parent

    Nov 2019
    My son learned new things he had no clue about! Thank-you so much! (African History Course feedback)
  • Simone (Parent)Parent

    Aug 2019
    Miss DJ, I just want to thank-you for the time you spent with my son. He can now understand place value much better and is actually getting better reports from his teacher in the maths area. You helped him with his confidence and for this I am truly grateful. Thank-you.
  • Donovan (KS2)Parent

    Jun 2019
    Thank-you for helping me and Sonia, we enjoyed your classes because when we are sad because we don't understand, you make us laugh. You also let us play games when we do hard work. We love you Miss DJ!
  • Klarissa (KS3)Parent

    Mar 2019
    Miss DJ is a knowledgeable, creative and helpful tutor. She has the ability to break down complex concepts in an easy and understandable manner. She is very flexible and available even when not having lessons. It was a pleasure being her student.