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I am a third year Chemistry student at Durham University. Science has always been my favourite subject and I believe that it is one of the most exciting ways of exploring the world around us. I am passionate about teaching, as I enjoy this engaging experience of supporting b the studies of others by explaining the concepts of the subjects I am intrested in.



About Me

To me, the key to a successful tutorial is efficient communication and personalised learning. I try to make my lesson as interactive as possible with the help of technology and by always asking my tutees questions and giving them problems to solve, in order to check  their understanding of the covered material. Instead of expecting my students to memorise certain concepts, I like to explain them in more detail, making examples and finding a link between the new and previously covered ideas, which, I believe, greatly improves tutee's overall understanding of the subject and enhances their problem-solving skills. 


I tutored A Level Chemistry as a part of SCA one-on-one tutoring project which is a voluntary service run by Durham University students. Last year I joined Numberprep team and currently running tutorials in GCSE Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Maths.


A-Level GCSE
Chemistry £40 -
Physics - £35
Biology - £35
Chemistry - £35
Maths - £35


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