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Hello, I'm Ayah and I'm a third year medical student. I am extremely passionate about biology and chemistry having thoroughly enjoyed them at A-level and currently studying various aspects of them during my course at university. I achieved 10A*s at GCSE and 3A*s and an A at A-level so I have sound knowledge in both subjects. 

During my time in A-levels I was an ambassador and mentor for biology and chemistry, which involved being someone students could come to with queries and questions and providing resources such as collated exam questions by topic as well as 1-1 tutoring sessions with students of varying abilities to improve their performance in the subject. 

I strongly believe in teaching being tailored to the student so I'd love to discuss what method works best for each student and develop and plan my lessons based on that. I understand the importance of active learning therefore I will ensure sessions are interactive and involve lots of practice while also being relaxed and fun.

I understand everyone has their own pace when it comes to learning and I am always patient and will be happy to go over things multiple times and adapt my teaching to you!


I like to adapt my teaching style according to my students, however, methods include interactive and engaging sessions with prepared summaries/notes of chapters/topics to use for revision, collated exam questions we can work through together and set for homework, exam preparation and homework help. 

A level - biology

A level- chemistry

GCSE - biology

GCSE - chemistry


A-Level GCSE
Biology - £10
Biology £15 -
Chemistry £15 -
Chemistry - £10


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