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I'm Ben Wright and am currently a first year Accounting and finance student at the University of Worcester. I am looking to start both online or face to face tutoring in the Worcester area. I am a passionate student, with strong knowledge on both mathematics and biology, at GCSE and A level. Although I have little tutor experience, I believe I will be a really good option to choose from, and believe you will benefit from my help and guidance, to get you through the exams successfully. I have experience working with younger people, as a swimming assistant, where I was enthusiastic, understanding and displayed strong communication skills with my pupils, which I believe will help me in tutoring, and I am able to transfer these skills. Please contact me with any queries or questions, and would love the opportunity, and be more than honoured if you chose me, to offer you tuition, and help you succeed in your exams.


I offer both maths and biology tuition at GCSE level. I completed my GCSEs in he summer of 2018, so I am familiar with the new exams and grading. I achieved a grade 8 (A*) in maths and a grade 7 (A) in biology. I offer sessions by the hour for £17 or an hour and a half for £22. These sessions can be online, if further away from my residence, or in person, which we can sort out if you contact me. 

I will also be offering biology tuition at A level. I completed my A levels in 2020, and even though my exams were cancelled, through my hard work throughout the course, succeeding in my mocks, I achieved a grade B at A level. I am very familiar with the content of these exams, the style of questions, and how to answer them, having practiced this continuously throughout the 2 years. I will be offering sessions by the hour at £25. These once again, can be online, if further away from my residence, or in person, which we can sort out by contacting me and feel free to contact me by my mobile, 07730377570


GCSE A-Level
Maths £15 -
Biology - £22
Biology £15 -


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