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Hi, I'm Calem, a Maths and Science tutor, and founder at On Course Tutoring ( Having taught online and face-to-face for more than 5 years, I've seen first-hand that tutoring can be incredibly rewarding and, when done right, have a real impact on students' futures.

About Me

At On Course Tutoring, I'm one of a group of specialised, degree-qualified tutors, experienced in working with young people across a range of Key Stage 3, GCSE, A-Level and University subjects.

Pairing teaching experience with a straight-forward, modern approach, I believe in learning at its most relatable and accessible - there's no bigger hurdle to learning than feeling pressured, or like a fish out of water. Engaged students learn more effectively, often with the added benefit of it feeling less like a chore. We all like to prioritise our time for the things we enjoy, and growing in confidence and competence is no different. Online teaching is effective and rewarding, and my enthusiasm for helping realise potential is still going strong.  


KS3, GCSE, A-level and University Tutoring Online:

- Maths

- Further Maths

- Physics

- Chemistry

- Biology


KS3 GCSE A-Level Degree
General Science - £33 - -
Maths - - - £50
Physics - - - £50
Chemistry - - £50 £50
Further Maths - - £35 -
Maths - - £35 -
Physics - - £35 -
Chemistry - - £35 -
Maths £33 £33 - -
Further Maths - £33 - -
Biology £33 £33 - -
Physics £33 £33 - -
Chemistry £33 £33 - -


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening
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  • Masters - Chemistry & Physics Verified

    First Class Honours MSci. in Natural Sciences (Chemistry & Physics)


  • KanatParent

    Oct 2020
    Calem is always very clear in his explanations. My daughter improved her chemistry a lot - Calem is the perfect tutor.
  • KanatParent

    Oct 2020
    Calem is a great tutor. My daughter always has fun in lessons, she has grasped a deeper understanding of chemistry & physics and her grades have gone up.
  • EwanParent

    Oct 2020
    Quality teacher - really knows his stuff to help explain above and beyond the spec and helps understanding.
  • DanielleParent

    Sep 2020
    Amazing teacher. Has really helped my son's confidence and building his work. He started a while back with lock down and after starting back at school he has noticed Calem's help really has made a difference.
  • KanatParent

    Sep 2020
    The lessons are always fun, my daughter finds them very fulfilling, educational and interesting.
  • MargaretParent

    Sep 2020
    Helpful, answers questions in a very straight forward manner.
  • MargaretParent

    May 2020
    Able to give a wide range of perspectives on a subject which really helps when dealing with A-Level applied subjects (eg. Physics, Chemistry).
  • HelenParent

    Nov 2019
    Excellent communication skills! Calem has the ability to put my daughter at ease and her confidence has increased. Calem is extremely patient and ensures she fully understands the topic.