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Hi there - I am a current Upper Sixth pupil studying A levels Psychology, English and Philosophy. Due to the lockdown, I have found myself with a lot of time to spare, and thought the best way to use this time productivley is helping others learn! I am great with younger kids, due to having two younger siblings of my own and love meeting new people. I am a member of the National Youth Theatre, London and have a huge passion for drama. Alongside this, English language and literature have always been my favourite subjects at school, and I have always had a passion for literature from a young age. I am able to tutor primary school/middle school pupils ranging from younger years up to year 11. This includes reading, punctuation, comprehension as well as adavanced GCSE literature and creative writing. I will work alongside your child to create a comfortable enviroment where they can gain confidnce in themsleves and develop as a student, whilst simultaneously become more courageous in regards to their work and how to approach it.

Qualifications - My GCSE grades included a 9 in Drama, a 9 in English language and an 8 in English literature (9 = A**, 8= A*). As well as this, I have been awarded both Lamda Grade 6 Bronze award (distinction) and Grade 8 Gold award (merit). My predictions for A level include an A* in English.

About Me

I am a current member of the National Youth Theatre London and have been involved in many external showcases and performances. I am a warm and easy going person, with great patience. I am great with children - being the eldest of three siblings I have great experience with younger kids and love seeing their personal growth and development!


Primary School English and Drama

Lamda and external acting practice and coaching

Year 8-10 English and Drama

GCSE level English and Drama 


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Acting £15 £15 £15


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