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I am an experienced Primary Teacher, with nine years of experience teaching in schools, and further experience of teaching online and 1:1 with children aged between three and thirteen years old.


My focus as a teacher is on starting with the child and adapting my teaching to suit their needs and interests. I do not use worksheets, but create my own resources and lesson plans based on what I learn about my students. I believe learning is at its best when learning through play and creativity, so always encourage my students to take part in projects based on merging their interests with their needs through creative writing, storytelling, cross curriculum projects, etc.


Some examples of my recent students:

- A 13 year old sci-fi fan learning English as a Second Language - He is currently writing a short story based on fantasy illustrations he chose

- A 10 year old who is learning Spanish at school but struggles with self-esteem - We used my recent travels in Central America as a starting point for discussions about the Humanities, resulting in her writing a nonfiction report on Honduras and Guatemala, and practising some Spanish along the way!

- An 8 year old passionate about saving the planet and endangered animals but not confident with writing  -  We researched facts about endangered animals together, then wrote both a nonfiction text about them, and a short story about a character trying to save the world!

- An 8 year old Spanish speaker at a low level of English who loves singing, teaching through songs and actions

- Early Years and children working at a lower communication and language level - I use puppets, songs, stories and games in every lesson to engage them in hands-on, stimulating learning experiences based on their specific interests.


Special Education Needs

I also have extensive experience working with Special Needs, particularly communication needs such as Autism. I am passionate about language development and giving all children equal opportunities, through accounting for their requirements and equipping them to deal with the outside world. 

  • Worked as a Support Worker for Autism Family Support with children aged 8 to 17 years old.
  • Taught in several schools with high SEN needs, including ASD, Down’s Syndrome and Global Delay
  • TalkBoost communication training
  • Lived for several years with a child with Autism who attends a Special Needs School
  • Use of puppets for storytelling and language development, I recently began a handmade puppet business to aid teachers and parents


Forest School

As a believer that everyone learns best while enjoying themselves and following their own interests, I love the Forest School approach, and believe it is something everyone should experience! Given current constraints, I am keen to ensure that children are still able and keen to access natural environments, and would love to encourage this using online classes. During classes, we will learn and practise skills such as:

  • creating puppets and characters using natural materials
  • using ‘spotter’ sheets and books to go for sensory walks
  • telling stories and reading books about the outdoors
  • learning to lash sticks to create wooden frames, journey sticks and more

(please note, additional materials may be needed for some of these activities, but they would be communicated before the session and would only be basic materials such as wool, buckets, string, pegs etc)


Please get in touch if you like the sound of a tutor who has your child’s special skills and interests at heart


One to one classes

Paired or group classes

Zoom classes (or other online platform)

Face to face classes possible by arrangement


Primary KS3
Phonics £25 £25
Writing £25 £25
Reading £25 £25
English £25 £25


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  • LWParent

    Sep 2020
    Cidalia tutored my daughters, aged eight and nine (school years 3 and 4), from June to August 2020. The purpose was primarily to keep them engaged with learning during the period of school closure and also to support me in doing this at home. The lessons took place over Zoom and were delivered on a 1:1 basis. Cidalia is a skilled and gifted teacher who tailored every lesson to the interests and learning style of the individual child. The lessons were always well prepared and cleverly structured, for example, using grammar games and flag quizzes to warm the girls up. I was impressed with the way Cidalia adapted the lesson to suit the girls’ moods, seemingly instinctively. It was a strange time, with the schools being closed and people unable to socialise or do very much. There were days when the girls did not feel like Zoom learning but Cildalia always made the lessons fun; they always came away from the lesson feeling positive and happy. I would not hesitate to recommend Cidalia to any parent considering tutoring for their child. It was so beneficial to my children to have focused time with an experienced teacher. Cidalia’s influence helped them return to school feeling confident and enthusiastic. For that, I am extremely grateful.