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I am a friendly, qualified and experienced Primary Teacher, currently working as a Supply Teacher and Tutor across all Primary School stages (Early Years Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2). I offer tuition in Maths, English (including Phonics) and Science.

My first step is always to work with you and your child to identify the areas we will focus on. I will then plan and support their learning and development to help them achieve the very best that they can. One to one attention, with the focus being solely on their needs, can make a huge difference to a child’s confidence and self-esteem. I will make sure your child understands what they are doing and why, rather than just teaching them the right answer. I believe in celebrating effort as well as achievement and want your child to feel proud of what they do.

I have experience of all ages, abilities and learning styles. I have previously taught in full time positions in both KS1 and KS2. I also have experience of supporting preparation for the Y1 Phonics Test, Year 4 Tables Test and SATS. As well as working as a Supply Teacher in EYFS/KS1/KS2, I tutor privately and for Local Education Authorities, providing tuition for children who do not attend school.

I have a special interest in Maths and Science. Sometimes children tell me they ‘can’t do Maths’. I feel that this often stems from the fact Maths is a cumulative subject, building on knowledge year on year. Gaps in the understanding of basic concepts lead to difficulties in making progress, a loss of confidence and the feeling that they just aren’t good at Maths. Sometimes children just need a little extra time to understand, absorb and practise a concept before moving on. Sometimes a different teaching approach will help make sense of a concept. I can help identify where these gaps are so we can work on them together, working at your child’s pace and ensuring they have a solid secure understanding before moving on - something that can’t happen in a normal classroom environment.

Older children (KS3) can also benefit from revisiting topics from the KS2 Maths curriculum.  A really solid understanding of topics such as fractions, algebra, ratio/decimals/percentages etc. can be just what they need to give them the confidence and tools to achieve and enjoy maths at Secondary School.


I am available during the day and after school. I offer one-off sessions, short programmes of tuition to tackle specific areas and regular on-going tuition. I am also available to support home schooling. At the moment I am only able to offer on-line tutoring due to the current COVID situation and have been successfully delivering on-line tuition to children as young as 5. 

I use Zoom, interactive white boards, a visualiser and writing tablet. We will be able to share our screens, up load documents/Powerpoint presentations etc as well as interacting with the screen. You will need to be able to access Zoom and have speakers/headphones and a webcam. Pens and paper will also be useful!

All the children I teach, who have moved from face-to-face to on-line tutoring, have adapted very quickly and are enjoying their sessions but if you are unsure, I am happy to arrange a free Zoom meeting so that we can meet and I can answer any questions you have about how on-line tutoring can work for you and your child.


Phonics £35
English £35
Maths £35


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