Daria GCSE and A-level Arts and Humanities

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Heya! I'm Daria and I'm passionate about Arts, Humanities and Chemistry. In September I will be working towards an undergraduate degree in the History of Art at The Courtauld Institute of Art. I also held offers from UCL, Manchester, York and was interviewed by Oxford university. 

I am passionate about sharing my knowledge and deep understanding of the GCSE and and the A-level curriculums for certain subjects, and I can successfully combine my student's genuine, specific interest in their subject with the requirements of the course that they are doing. This approach has helped me, personally, to approach education enthusiastically and achieve grades 9 and 8 at GCSE and predicted A*A*A*A* at A-level. Therefore, having just recently gone through the GCSE and A-level programs myself I can create careful lesson plans to match the exact needs of my student, but more importantly I can share integral skills applicable to most subjects. 

I am also fluent in Russian and Ukrainian and would be very happy to work a bilingual student, should they require special attention. 

(With Art History I am also ready to tutor anyone interested in the subject from scratch, if they wish to study this subject for personal enrichment and not to aid any particular course) 


I offer online tutor sessions at £13 an hour. 

I am also happy to meet with my student in person (varying the hourly rate acoordingly).

I have a very flexible schedule and will be available most of the time! 

(I also offer Art History tutoring for A-level students - the above table gives no option to display that)


GCSE A-Level
Geography £13 -
Chemistry £13 -
Art - £13
Art £13 £13
English £13 -
Russian £13 -
English Literature £13 £13


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening