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I have been teaching for 20 years to students from 11-18 at a Catholic Comprehensive school and have taught at all ability ranges. I have spent most of my career teaching mainly at KS3 and KS4, but I have also taught at KS5 for 12 years of my career. Due to senior leadership commitments I have relinquished teaching at KS5.

I enjoy teaching Mathematics to all and I hope that I inspire others to enjoy the subject too.

About Me

I am a Vice Principal at Catholic Comprehensive School and have held this position for 3 years now. Before this I held the position of Head of Maths for 14 years at the same institution.

I am 46 years of age and have been living in Thanet at the far reaches of Kent with my family of 4 children for many years now and enjoy the seaside lifestyle.

I enjoy teaching my subject to pupils/students and hope that I motivate them to find their own passion in the subject of Mathematics. I also enjoy playing and particpating in many different sports, but my personal favourite is football. In regards to my family, our favourite activity/holiday is mountain walking in the Lake District, especially in the summer walking in the rain.


  1. Teaching and supporting students for Mathematics at all ability ranges in the following key stages:
    1. Key Stage 3
    2. Key Stage 4


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