Dhanush Ammineni GCSE Maths and Science & 11+ Maths

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I'm Dhanush and I'm in Year 13 at Wallington County Grammar School. I have an offer to study medicine at Oxford University from next year onwards but mathematics is also somewhat of a hobby. As one of the best mathematicians in my school, I enjoy teaching it as well. I'm very passionate about the sciences so my way of teaching is often very energetic while ensuring a strong sense of scientific understanding. I can teach many different age groups ranging from primary school, up to A Level. 

I am very confident in using online platforms to teach. I am President of my school's Senior Medicine and Dentistry society, through which I give regular talks, both in person as well as online when the students isolate, giving help to aspiring medics across all of South London. 

About Me

I do Biology, Maths, Further Maths and Chemistry for A Levels. I have eight Level 9s, two Level 8s, A*^ in Further Maths(equivalent of 11 A*s) in my GCSEs as well as a Level 3 Additional Maths qualification, where I got an A. I am predicted 4 A*s for my A Levels. 

I have experience teaching 11+ and training students for GCSEs and many of my friends get help from me for A Level maths. 


- I teach Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Biology and Physics for GCSE students. I can also teach FMSQ Level 3 Additional Maths which is a great extra Maths qualification. 

- I also teach 11 plus Maths. 

- I can also help A Level students with Maths. 


Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level
Other - - £20 -
Further Maths - - £20 -
Physics - - £20 -
Chemistry - - £20 -
Chemistry - - £20 -
Maths £20 £20 £20 £20


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