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Hello all! For the past eight years I have been working as a maths and science tutor and as a professional musician in the UK folk scene. I love helping students of all ages and abilities become comfortable and gain confidence with the topics I teach. 

About Me

I started tutoring first through small independent tuition companies in and around London, and now I am teaching full time to students who want to better their mathematical comprehension, and understanding of the sciences, up to GCSE and A level.

I balance this with being a professional musician and keen learner of all things Mathematics. In 2017 I completed a Certificate in Higher Education in Mathematics and Physics with a distinction at Birkbeck University, and hope to apply to do a Mathematics degree at the Open University in the coming years.


Over the last six months, I have developed a fun and interactive online learning method where I share my screen with the student creating a virtual whiteboard for them to see. It's no different to how a tutor and student would take notes together and it feels like we're in the same room!

For my students learning mathematics, I teach using a combination of Singapore Maths and my own methods of active learning and repetition. It's important to approach mathematics in a multi-faceted way since it's so similar to learning a language. I like to keep my lessons engaging, challenging and interesting - self-discipline is important but so is having fun! 

For my students learning the sciences, I like to combine the material from the curriculum in physics, biology and chemistry with real-world examples of modern-day science. Science is everywhere - and our appreciation for it deepens when we notice it around us and use it to better understand the natural and technological world we exist in.


A-Level Primary KS3 GCSE
Maths £40 £40 £40 £40
Physics £40 - £40 £40
Biology - - £40 £40
Chemistry - - £40 £40


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  • Certificate - Higher Education in Physics and Mathematics Verified

    I received a distinction in Physics and Mathematics in 2017. A Certificate of Higher Education is level 4 certificate of higher education (making it the stage beyond A Level or NVQ level 3).

  • Bachelors - Music Verified


  • Mary CullenParent

    Sep 2020
    Dominic started working with my daughter Jasmin in lockdown online, Jasmin has a huge block when it comes to Maths, she has dyslexia so does struggle. Her problem was actually understanding the logic behind Maths. She has made huge progress with Dominic, the main difference is he builds a great trust that nothing is stupid, it can go at her pace. Her confidence has definitely grown hugely and it makes me smile when I hear her on the computer talking about a maths problem and being able to solve it. Dominic is very encouraging, very patient and has a very gentle approach to teaching. He is easy to learn from and a natural teacher. I would definitely recommend him especially if you have a child that has very low self esteem around maths.