Eli Tapnack Tutor from 11+ to A-Level Certificate, Certificate, Certificate

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I love to teach! For me there is no better feeling than helping to spread knowledge and wisdom whilst aiding students on their journey to achieving their academic potential, from 11+ exams all the way up to that final A-Level. Over the past 3 years I have made sure to approach every lesson with a fresh and energetic attitude, aiming to patiently and creatively unravel the concepts and challenges presented before me, so that my students may finish every lesson with an air of confidence that they may not have had before in any given topic. Having achieved 11 A*s at GCSE followed by 3 A*s at A-Level, I want to be able to share my path to success with every students that I work with and I love watching each and every one of them grow. With the craziness of the world we live in today, I have found the most safe and productive method of tutoring to be via Zoom, where great features such as ‘screen-share’ allow me to do everything I would normally do in a face to face lesson, with the added bonus that timings can be far more flexible due to its simple online nature - you start and finish the lesson with just the click of a button!

About Me

I'm a GAP year students, aged 18 but already with 3 years tutoring experience and an offer to study Theology and Philosphy at Cambridge university next year. 

Outside of academia I love my sport, being an avid boxer, footballer and tennis player, as well as spending at least an hour a day in the gym. I also love my music and spend time working as a DJ in an events management company that I set up, named Squadron Events.


I offer teaching in a wide range of subjects:

Years 4-6: 11+ exam coaching & homework help in all subjects 

Years 7-9: Help in all subjects 

Years 9-11: English, History, Physics, Biology, Religious Studies

Years 12-13: Economics, Philosophy, Religious Studies 


Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level
Philosophy - - - £40
Other £40 - - -
Economics - - - £40
Maths £35 £35 - -
History - £35 £35 -
Biology - £35 £35 -
Physics - £35 £35 -
English £35 £35 £35 -


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening
Monday -
Tuesday -
Wednesday -
Thursday - -
Friday - -



  • Sasha geldingParent

    Sep 2020
    My children have been tutored by Eli for a couple of years now. He is always excellently prepared and organised, his approach is very friendly and he develops really caring relationships which I feel allows the children to take in what they are learning and be able to put that into practice at school. He has a deep knowledge around the subjects that he is tutoring for as well as excellent communication skills and he is deeply passionate about what he does. I would highly recommend Eli as a tutor.
  • Ora JesnerParent

    Sep 2020
    Eli has been tutoring our son for over 6 months in English and History. He is extremely capable and has been an inspiring teacher. He is personable and friendly and is able to engage our son and spark an interest in the subjects taught. He is reliable and organised and we highly recommend him.
  • Ruby OkinParent

    May 2020
    I had a group A-level session with Eli for A level Philosophy coming up to my mock. He enabled me to understand things I’ve been trying to master for months, just by simplifying the content and using more relatable examples. He gave us all some very detailed and high-level essay plans, which have been so useful. He is extremely patient and answers all questions thoroughly. Couldn’t recommend him enough. Will definitely be using him again!
  • Dani SlyperParent

    Oct 2019
    Eli tutored my 13-year-old son in English for 6 months. The progress he made in his essay style was unbelievable. Eli taught him how to structure literary analysis essays and gave him the skills to back up his quotes with evidence. He went into the top English set at Immanuel as a result. Eli is sensitive and really relates well to the kids he tutors. I would highly recommend him and am happy to act as a reference
  • Jessica SharpeParent

    May 2019
    Eli is an extremely good tutor who manages to be both professional and fun during his lessons. He used a range of methods to explain new concepts to my daughter and she was engaged and interested in what he had to say. It is not always easy to maintain the attention of a child who finds a subject matter challenging, but this ability seems to come naturally to Eli. The whole experience was welcoming and friendly and my daughter looked forward to her classes, especially her biscuit and drink, a really lovely touch. In her own words, ‘I really liked my lessons with Eli, they were fun and I learnt a lot’
  • Gila MicklerParent

    Feb 2019
    Eli taught my son and daughter at the time aged 13 and 15. He taught them Maths, Science and English. Although Eli was studying himself at the time he was very committed to their lessons and professional too. He was a great teacher who explained everything with patience and knowledge of an experienced teacher. They could also relate to him and enjoyed their lessons with him. I would 100% recommend Eli as a great tutor.