Eloise Science Tutor - GCSE and A-level

  • Travels 15.0 miles
  • Online Tuition

Heya, my name is Eloise and I am currently studying biochemistry at uni. 

I did Biology, Chemistry and Latin A-levels, Maths and English Language AS. 

Other than academics, I love music and cooking as well as going to the gym :)

About Me

I have always been interested in science so now I am doing biochemistry at uni and hope to go on to do postgraduate medicine. 

I loved English in school and contine to write my own poetry. I took extra English Language during my GCSE year so I feel confident enlugh in my abilities to tutor English to GCSE level.


I will do mostly online tutorials - 30 minutes to one hour. I could do in person tutor sessions but they would have to be one hour with a slightly higher cost to cover the time it takes for me to get there. 

I will mosty tutor biology and chemistry but I am also happy to tutor English and Maths to GCSE level. 

Rates will be £8 for 30 minutes and £15 for one hour (online).


A-Level KS3 GCSE
Latin £15 - £15
English - £15 £15
Chemistry £15 - £15
Biology £15 - £15


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening
Monday - - -
Tuesday - - -
Wednesday - - -
Thursday - - -
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