Fadumo Hersi Qualified Maths Teacher KS3 and GCSE QTS, PGCE, Bachelors

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About Me

I am currently a secondary school teacher in Hackney and have worked in two different secondary schools in London prior. I demonstrate excellent understanding of the key concepts of maths and how these can aid pupil progression. I always ensure my lessons are well structured and have good progression throughout. I adapt my lessons in an appropriate way in order to pitch accurately to the pupils needs I am teaching. I incorporate several teaching strategies such as multiple-choice questions in order to check understanding and misconceptions. I have also designed some of my own resources that engage pupils. Such resources have included differentiated tasks, engaging activities such as card sorts and make a clear link with the learning outcomes of the lesson. 

My teaching approach towards mathematics is synonymous with the philosophy of mathematics Mastery. I apply mastery within feedback, collaborative learning, the types of problem chosen and the design of the lesson plan, as I understand mastery to be a ‘set’ of practices all used in conjunction to promote a deep, secure and adaptable understanding of maths as stated on NCETM. I implement mastery to help me facilitate discussions, to show misconceptions and share incorrect workings, to use imagery and get pupils to use pictures. It is important for me to make each question purposeful and relevant to what I wanted the pupils to learn. 

From my overall experiences, I am confident I will be able to motivate and support young students to become great mathematicians.  


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  • QTS - Mathematics Verified

  • PGCE - Mathematics Verified

    The Institute of Education has been ranked 1st in the world for education for seven years running in the QS World University Subject rankings. Completing the mathematics programme at IOE developed my critical understanding of the nature of mathematics and its position in the school curriculum. I engage with research evidence and theories of learning in order to make sense of practices observed in schools. I consistently reflect my teaching strategies and explore teaching approaches that can help learners develop mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills and cultivate enjoyment of mathematics.

  • Bachelors - Mathematics BSc Verified

    Courses include: Data analytics, Statistical Methods, Operational research, Numerical Methods, Decision making, Coding and Cryptography and Partial Differential Equations. Awarded a 1st.