Finella Nugent Qualified Maths and English teacher PGCE

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I’m passionate teacher with strong core values and motivation in making positive differences to the children’s future. Teaching is a fulfilling and exciting challenge, and there’s nothing I look forward to more than encouraging the younger generation to love studying and develop an interest in lifelong learning.

I’m eternally grateful to have had the chance to enjoy an excellent education myself, and now I believe it’s time to give back to the education system and impart my own knowledge as well as my own passion for study.

I think teaching is among the most important. Without a good grounding in the basics of education, how can the next generation be prepared for what the future holds?

As we age, we’ll be relying on the young people of today to look after and provide for us, so it’s our responsibility to ensure they have the necessary skills to succeed. I love working with children, interacting with young people is engaging and interesting, and you learn something new every day!

Whether engaging in educational discourse or on a personal level, listening to what the students have to say makes every day different and rewarding.

While I love to impart my knowledge of my subject to students, I’m equally passionate about helping to develop a whole new generation of individuals who are able to think for themselves and who can take responsibility for their own learning.

About Me

Bringing education to you.


After an initial assessment, I create an individual learning plan for your child. As a qualified teacher this enables me to conduct in-depth lessons that will help to close gaps, and boost your child’s confidence.

I offer a learning assessment to fully understand your child's unique needs. 

My experience in education will allow me to tailor an individual learning plan specifically for your child. 

I am adaptable and deliver the school curriculum in line with the National Curriculum. 

My caring-based, and stress free approach boosts confidence and motivation, and considers all child’s well-being. I believe in adopting a growth mindset which enables children to reach their full potential.

My lessons are interactive, approachable and differentiated to meet all needs. They are easy to follow and also challenge pupils by bringing learning to life and giving them the opportunity to think outside the box, whilst making links to the real world.


Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level
Psychology - - - £60
Maths - £45 - -
English - £45 - -
Maths - - £50 -
English - - £50 -
Maths £30 - - -
English £30 - - -


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