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My name is Francesca and I am currently in my penultimate year at the University of Leeds and study International History and Politics where I am on track to achieve a 1st. I am lucky enough to currently be on my year abroad in Seoul where I major in History!

I have achieved high grades in History, English Literature and Politics A-Level. I would like to help fellow students engage with the new curriculum; I was a part of the first cohort to take the newly reformed exams for both A-Level and GCSE.

I have attached my academic records below and would love to help in any of the below subjects though my specialisms are History, Politics and English Literature (GCSE and A-Level). Please let me know if you have any more questions! I sat the Edexcel boards of my A-levels but am also able to tutor other boards!

A levels: English A*, History A, Politics A*, EPQ A* (93%)

EPQ – To what extent does Northern Ireland remain divided following the Good Friday Agreement of 1998?

GCSEs: Maths A*, Religious Studies A*, English Literature Grade 9 (A*), Spanish A*, English Language Grade 8 (A*), Physics A*, Chemistry A*, Geography A, History A*, Biology A*





Tuition in:

History - A-Level 

Politics - A-Level

English Literature - A-Level

General A-Level (and GCSE) essay writing skills.

History - GCSE

English Literature - GCSE


GCSE A-Level
Politics £20 £20
History £20 £20
English Literature £20 £20


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