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Hello! My name is Freya Beardmore and I am a student Physiotherapist at the University of Birmingham. I did my A-level exams in 2019, achieviing an A in Biology, which makes me confident within this area. In terms of Physiotherapy- I am passionate about this area as I love anatomy, physiology, hands-on practicals as well as therapeutic practices involved in the rehabilitation of a patient.

I found that, in Biology, it was vital to get to grips with the style of exam and how they wanted you to ask the question, what they expect of you and specific information that is needed to access those higher marks.

Moving onto the tutoring- before an online session I will ask of you what you would like to specifically go through in that session. During the session, I will then give an introduction to that topic, ask you to repeat important information, share my screen so that I can show resources to increase your understanding, go through past paper questions with tips on how to answer them and finish with some general quick-fire questions. 

Learning techniques such as writing information out repeatedly, doing mind-maps and, most importantly, answering real past exam paper questions are all vital techniques that I will be motivating my students to get into the habit of. 

In Biology, it is vital that content is revised. In order to have all of the information you will need to answer questions, you will need to be able to almost recite the textbook. The knowledge is useless, however, if you do not practice with lots and lots of practice questions. 

I hope to see you in my class!

About Me

I am a confident, enthusiastic student looking to inspire and help students in Biology!


- Phsyiotherapy personal statements and interviews 

- A-level Biology tuition and GCSE English language 


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