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I am finishing my Bachelor of Arts in English and Cultural Studies at the University of California Davis. I am due to graduate this March, and I'm grateful I may complete my degree remotely while I am based in the UK. 

I am enrolled to train as a secondary English Teacher with a Schools Direct programme starting September 2021. 

My passions include literacy, creative writing, journalism and drama (I love reading playscripts!)

Please feel free to contact me about any further questions you may have, I will respond within 24 hours.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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About Me


I am Grace, a current student at the University of California Davis. I am just a few months away from completing my BA, and I will begin training for my dream job (Secondary English teacher) later this year!

I was an IB student in High School, and my HL classes included English, History and Biology. My SL classes were Philosophy and Math Studies.

Aside for my interests in literacy, education and cultural studies, I love cooking and playing boardgames. I am someone always on the lookout for family owned restaurants and small shops.


English and Literature tutoring (tutorials, homework help, essay revision and exam prep)

Rates are for individual sessions, and group sessions are the invidual rate plus £5 per additional participant (great option for students who prefer study session environments)

KS3 £20 per hour

GCSE £22 per hour

A Level £25 per hour

Primary ballet classes £18 per hour 

No cancellation fee. Free 20 minute trial session.

Bank transfer for payments.


KS3 GCSE A-Level
English Literature - - £25
English - - £25
English Literature - £22 -
English - £22 -
English Literature £20 - -
English £20 - -


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  • Bachelors - English, Cultural Studies Student

    Studying English and Cultural Studies at the University of California Davis. I will complete a Bachelors in Arts this March remotely based here in the UK (due to COVID 19).