Hannah Physics and Maths tutor with physics PhD Doctorate

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I am currently half way through my PGCE with experience in teaching all year groups in physics, 

I have a PhD in physics and have taught students right up to university level. 

The PGCE has extended my knowledge of pedogogy and I would love to give extra support to students who have lost time inthe classroom due to the current pandemic. 

Online tutoring available, please contact for any physics or maths needs. 

About Me

27 year old physics PhD and trainee teacher. 


I am passionate about instilling a love of physics and the language of maths to the next generation, physics is often seen as a difficult subject and students often switch off but I want to make it accessible to all and all abilities as it is such an important, beautiful subject.

Having studied it at university for 9 years I have a wealth of knowledge and experience.


A-Level Primary KS3 GCSE Degree Adult
Maths £40 £40 £40 £40 £40 £40
Physics £40 £40 £40 £40 £40 £40