Hannah QTS

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  • Online Tuition

I am a passionate and creative teacher who has worked in different environments and developed my practice over time. My experience spans from teaching in Brighton College (one of the best private schools in the country) to developing children in Early Years settings. Over this time, I have become more knowledgeable and can understand children as learners in different ways. 

 My learning environment always encourages children to feel a sense of pride about
 their own work. Recently I created an interactive art gallery where the children can share their work with others and write what they have drawn- through adult support.

My passion has grown over the last 4 years of my career in wanting to see the children in my care  become independent risk takers who develop an eagerness to learn and grow.  I have come recognise increasingly how every child is unique in their own learning journey. I have tailored my teaching practice to always take into account differing learning learning styles of the children and adjust my strategies in accordance to their needs.

 I can help your child to be further equipped and supported in developing their own learning styles and ideas. I do approach learning with an engaging and interactive approach. I will always take time to get to know children so that they can understand me and how I work.

Please feel free to be in contact for further information about me and what I could offer in terms of tutoring. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Hannah



I am happy to do online lessons via zoom or another online platform during lockdown.


Religious Studies £10
General Science £15
English £15
Maths £15


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  • QTS - BA Hons Primary Education Degree Verification Requested

    I have completed a primary education degree at Brighton University which included Advanced Studies. This means that I have started to gain credits towards a Masters Degree. On my degree, I specialized in Maths and Religious Education.