Hannah Maths and Sciences Tutor.

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Passionate medical student at Imperial College London, with 4A*s at A levels.

Although I achieved straight A*s in both my GCSEs and A Levels I do not believe that this alone means I should tutor you. Instead it is my resilience and personability that should encourage you - both of these qualities are constantly tested and improved at medical school. Furthermore, I am a supportive and versatile teacher. My range of experience in different tutoring styles including Kumon, peer to peer as well as traditional tutorial makes me especially qualified to adapt to what works best for you.

About Me

Rather than mimicking a classroom style lesson, I prefer to listen to and focus on the specific needs of my students and adapt my teaching style accordingly. This will usually include improving understanding of course material as well as exam prpeparation.

I believe that to do well in school you need to have both a good understanding of the course material as well as good exam technique. Simply going into an exam with a list of facts and blind to the exam style is an unnecessary risk.

My first lesson would include going through the syllabus, and seeing potential exam questions, in order to find areas of weakness and gaps in understanding to target in subsequent lessons. Following this a typical lesson would be ~1 hr long and would involve a starter task that builds from the students current knowledge. This is followed by an introduction of the new content and 3/4 relevant past paper questions. This is important as exam boards often use similar styles of questions and an awareness of these in key. I also supply mini quizzes (homework) to completed at a later date which would normally only involve 2/3 questions which I mark and go over to ensure full understanding.



Tutoring Maths, Chemistry and Biology to A level, GCSE and below.


Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level
Maths £12 £12 £12 £12
Chemistry - £12 £12 £12
Biology - £12 £12 £12


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