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I am a law student who is passionate about both learning and teaching. I would love the opportunity to teach what I have learnt in the past few years, as well as learn something from this experience.

In short, I can teach any core subjects from primary school to GCSE level. I graduated from Royal Holloway Univeristy with first class honours in Law. I would therefore also be happy to teach undergraduate level law and the skills attached. For example, essay writing, proof-reading, problem solving etc. 



About Me

Hi All,

My name is Harneet and I am a first-class law graduate, currently reading the Legal Practice Course in preparation for my qualification as a solicitor.

I have two years of experience in tutoring and mentoring children, which I acquired during my time in secondary school. I have always loved studying and learning, and I would now love to share some of my experience and joy with you! I strongly believe everyone is gifted in many ways and, with the right encouragement and guidance, such qualities will inevitably come to light.

I am well aware that individuals have different learning styles. I like to take the approach of discovering this style as early on as possible. Therefore, I would suggest a 'demo'/first lesson in which we establish how you learn best. I will ask you what you would like to gain from our sessions, areas of difficulty, areas you feel confident in, and so forth. I will then take this information and plan our next lesson accordingly. Between lessons, I will be willing to mark work you have completed. I appreciate honesty and will be more than happy for you to tell me when things are not working well for you. I will, of course, tailor our sessions until they are a perfect match!

I have extensive experience in essay writing, researching, dissertation organisation, note-taking... the list goes on. I moved to the UK at the age of 8, at which point I had no choice but to learn English as quickly as possible and adapt my learning style to my new environment. Thus, I very well know the feeling of 'being behind' and needing extra support. I was personally tutored by an ex-Oxford University research fellow for 6 years- I am sure that I have retained much of the knowledge acquired from this and will be able to replicate the positive aspects of my tutor's teaching style.

I can offer tutoring in any of the lessons mentioned on my profile. My most recent experience lies in undergraduate level law, however, I am absolutely capable of teaching all other mentioned subjects and levels of study. I vouch to refresh my knowledge and plan adequately prior to any lessons, with attention paid to your exam board and personal requirements. Also, for law students- I am willing to offer career advice and training contract application tips, as I am a training contract offer holder.

If you do opt for online teaching, please be assured that I will be using my tablet to make sessions as interactive as possible. They will absolutely be more than dull telephone calls.

Do get in touch if you have any questions! I understand that it does not feel overly secure opting to take lessons from somebody new on the site. However, I would very much appreciate the opportunity to make this something that we can both enjoy.

Take care and stay safe.


I am willing to teach both online and one-to-one in person. After a consultation to decipher the areas of concern and appropriate teaching/learning style, I would start preparing for our first lesson together. This preparation would be based on what I gathered from our consultation and the mark scheme that the student is complying with. 

I will encourage questions and deeper thinking in all of my lessons, with the hope that my students enjoy this learning style and apply the inquisitive skills adopted in our sessions to their school lessons. 

If ever the student feels unhappy with my lessons, I am more than happy to listen to and act on any concerns. I would very much be trying to perfect the dynamic of our sessions to suit the student at all times. 

Please note that I would never do anything half-heartedly. Be assured that you would be getting 100% effort from my side,


Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level Degree
General Science £17 £17 £17 - -
Law - - £17 £17 £17
Other £15 £15 £15 - -
Writing £17 £17 £17 £17 £17
Reading £17 £17 £17 - -
English £17 £17 £17 - -
Biology £17 £17 £17 - -


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  • Bachelors - Law LLB Verified

    First class honours in Law LLB. I studied core modules such as equity and land law, as well as optional modules including jurisprudence, international human rights law and family law. I also undertook a dissertation on the implications of international surrogacy in my final year.