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My name is Jaclyn, and I am a civil engineering undergraduate at Swansea University. I offer tuition in KS3 Maths and General Science and GCSE Maths, Physics and Chemistry. I started tutoring IGCSE students in 2018 while I was studying A levels. Since then, I have also supported multiple KS3, GCSE and AS level students. Currently, I have 5 GCSE students but as exams are coming to an end, I will have new slots opening up. 




-Lessons are tailored to suit the student's needs and depend on whether they need help understanding particular topics, are preparing for the upcoming academic year or revising for exams. Whatever the case, I will refer to the syllabus and make sure each topic is fully covered.

-I break down complex subject matter into simpler ideas. For Maths and Science, a strong foundation is required due to the connective nature of the subjects. With Zoom, I can explain concepts and principles using diagrams, short videos and real-life examples.

-From experience, I have learnt the importance of solved examples and exam-style questions in the exam preparation process. So I will set practice work weekly as well as intermittent timed assessments.

-For GCSEs I provide additional support. We will go over multiple solved examples and master how to apply learnt concepts to other questions. I believe that understanding the marking scheme is also important. 

I am open to group sessions. Let me know if you have people in mind or would like me to find suitable students to join a group. 


I will be offering morning slots 9-12pm and afternoon slots 2-6pm Monday to Thursday once the summer holiday starts. Feel free to contact me if you require tuition before then






One-on-one and group tuition

KS3 Maths and General Science

GCSE Maths, Physics and Chemistry 

Online sessions take place via zoom. Group sessions consist of no more than 4 students and cost £10/hr per person. 



General Science £18 -
Physics - £20
Chemistry - £20
Maths - £20
Maths £18 -


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening
Monday - - - -
Tuesday - - - -
Wednesday - - -
Thursday - -
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  • Other - Foundation Year Verification Requested

    I completed an Engineering Foundation year instead of A levels.