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My name is James Godwin and I am an experienced teacher & tutor. I have A Levels in Maths, English Language, and Creative Writing as well as Grade 8 in Alto Saxophone, Grade 5 in Music Theory, and I am currently finishing my Creative Writing Degree in Bath.

About Me

I have been a Primary Teaching Assistant for three years now, working for various Primary Schools in North London and Bath. From my work as a nursery assistant and Primary School TA, I have taught children from ages 3 up to 9 in one-to-one as well as in groups. I also have experience working as a tutor with three students ages 6, 15, and 61.


I am currently studying a Creative Writing degree at Bath Spa University where I am writing the upcoming play Fog of War (which will debut at The Bull Theatre in Barnet, North London). I have recently had my first poem published in the collection Lockdown Poetry, edited by Seema Gill and also including Benjamin Zephania. Writing and reading poetry, prose, and script has helped me grow as a person more than any other hobby.


I tutor English (£15/hr), Creative Writing(£15/hr), Maths(£15/hr), Alto Saxophone (£20/hr), and Music Theory (£20/hr) both online and in Bath.


The first lesson will be the foundation for constructing a productive learning environment, focusing on building a healthy, communicative relationship with the student. I will ask the student various questions about their experience on the given subject, and learning in general, in order to establish an understanding of what I should cover and how I can specialise my teaching style for them.


Following from this, the next couple of sessions will have a malleable approach, allowing me to adapt my own method to how this particular student is most likely listen, learn, and (most importantly) like the lessons & thus the subject.


I will construct a routine for the student to follow (not to be labelled as homework) in order to maintain their learning out of lessons and in the future.


My general philosophy with teaching is to put the student first. This does not mean sacrificing their lessons to provide a relaxed, laissez-faire environment, as this can easily halt any learning whatsoever. This means investing my time and energy into understanding what the student is struggling with and understanding how I should approach teaching them individually. With every student this includes promoting their learning (learning in general - not just the specified subject) through positive encouragement.


A-Level Primary KS3 GCSE Degree Adult Other
Writing £20 £20 £20 £20 - £20 £20
English £20 £20 £20 £20 - £20 £20
Music Production - £20 £20 £20 - £20 £20
Saxophone £27 £27 £27 £27 - £27 £27
Reading £12 £12 £12 £12 £12 £12 £12
English Literature £20 £20 £20 £20 - £20 -
Maths - £20 £20 £20 - - -


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