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I'm an A-level student taking history as one of my 3 subjects.

I'm passionate about history and am hoping to study Law in the future. I love learning about the past and what shaped our society today. In patricular the world wars and the tudors. 

English is another subject I have become passionate about, I struggle with dyslexia and understand how hard and frustrating it can be to understand and learn the simplist things. Growing to understand and create my own methods to help myself is very important and I would love to share this with others. 



About Me

Hi I'm Jess , I am 18 years old and looking ot do Law at university. I attended Broughton Manor prep school and Aylesbury high school for girls. My favourite sport is horse riding and my other interestes include forgein travel.


I offer English and History tutoring, at KS3 and GCSE level for both and primary school level for English only. 


Primary KS3 GCSE
History - £20 £20
English £20 £20 £20


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  • Other - English Verification Requested

    I have an English Literature GCSE grade 7 and a English Language GCSE grade 8.

  • Other - History Verification Requested

    I have a History GCSE grade 9