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I am a friendly and enthusiastic individual with a PhD from UCL and a great passion for teaching and education. I specialise in essay writing skills, have recently had an academic monograph accepted for publication and won the prize for best dissertation in history at Manchester University in 2014. I hold a first class honours degree in History from the University of Manchester and a Masters (Distinction) from UCL. My specialist areas are A level History and English. My hobbies including cricket, travelling and reading.

About Me

I moved to Bristol with my family in 2019 after completing my Doctorate from UCL, where my wife and I work as chaplains. I have been working as a chaplain with my wife in Bristol since August 2019, after completing my Doctorate from UCL in Jewish History. I am currently in the process of publishing an academic monograph with Brill. I have over 330 hours of tutoring experience in History A level, GCSE, English Literature and Language A level and GCSE.  I have also taught three semesters as a PGTA at UCL. I have a great deal of experience both as a teacher of secondary school students and University students. In the past three years I have tutored an average of five hours a week in the following subjects:
A and AS level : English Literature/Language, History, Philosophy and Classical Civilisation; GCSE English and History;  Entrance exams for year 9 entry. I have given university level seminars and lectured in the following courses at UCL: Science and religion in the global community, Introduction to Jewish philosophy and mysticism (which I helped develop and run with my supervisor). I also have experience marking university-level coursework.  
I  spent three years as an informal educator in King David High school during my time in Manchester University (2011-2014). This included several weekly one-on-one voluntary study sessions for secondary school students as well as conducting group study sessions. Additionally, I have organised, led and administrated seven educational camps for primary and secondary school students aged 9-18 (2008-2013)


KS3 GCSE A-Level Degree Adult
Religious Studies £45 £45 £45 - -
English £45 £45 £45 - -
History - £45 £45 £45 £45


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