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I am a recent graduate from King's College London, who majored in Biomedical Science. 

I have been tutoring science to KS3, GCSE and A-level students for 3 years. As a person who enjoyed science and has graduated with a degree based on human science and disease, I wanted to channel my passion for this subject to help secondary school students to fall in love with the subject, achieve the best grades and hopefully encourage them to take up a science degree later on in life. 

My teaching style emphasises the importance of independent study; a skill that is vital in many aspects of life. My techniques to encourage independent studying includes reading up a subject before a lesson, doing some exam style questions and self-marking those questions. 

In addition to this, my lessons include a in depth review of the topics in the specification. I make sure that I don’t move on to a new subject until the subject previously taught is completely understood and that the students are able to answer exam-based questions to a high standard.

Furthermore, all of my students have achieved exceptional grades, with some recent students achieving grade 9s in all three sciences at GCSE. Majority of my students go on to achieve grades 7-9 in their Science GCSEs, often improving by 2 grades. 

I teach all three sciences (biology, chemistry and physics) up until GCSE, and I teach A-Level Chemistry and Biology. 


KS2 Science 

KS3 Science 

GCSE Biology 

GCSE Chemistry 

GCSE Physics 

A-Level Biology

A-Level Chemistry 

I am able to teach all science specifications. 


Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level
General Science £20 £20 - -
Physics - - £30 -
Biology - - £35 £35
Chemistry - - £35 £35


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