Lavinia Lewis Specialist Primary Tutor: Dyslexia Diploma, QTS, Bachelors

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Hi, I am a keen, hard-working, tutor who will help your child to reach their full potential.  The aim of each lesson is to work on specific targets that your child needs to develop, in order for them to gain in ability and confidence. I believe that your child will learn best by having fun, I therefore ensure that each lesson is adapted to your child's interests and skills set.  With over 25 years of teaching experience I have a passion for helping children learn and for teaching children how to learn.


About Me

I have worked in both the state sector and the independent education system.  I also tutored privately for over 20 years.  Over the course of the last 12 months my tution work has naturally moved online as I have begun to tutor children from many areas of the world.   I am currently expanding my business in order to work from home on a full-time basis.


If requested I am happy to carry out an informal assessment of your child's needs.  This can be done using short tests, in a relaxed atmosphere, that focus on the agreed subject.  The assessments will enable me to pinpoint your child's strengths and the areas that need support.  I will also be able to recognise which underlying skills need to be developed, for example, working memory, vocabulary or reasoning skills.

Following an informal assessment, I will write a programme of work that will enable your child to: work on subject areas; develop their underlying skills; and investigate which learning techniques are the most effective for their own unique skills set.  This approach will help your child along the road to becoming a more independent learner.


Terms and Conditions

I charge £35 per lesson.

I will invoice you on the Monday prior to the agreed lesson date.

Lesson will be delivered at the agreed time, following payment.



English £35