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Hi my name is Marco and I specialise in tuition in Spanish economics and biology. I have a love and a passion for all three subjects. Let me start with Spanish, I have a very Spanish family and I grew up speaking the language I also studied languages school and I loved it with a passion I will help you achieve your goal was speaking the language in achieving the grade you need I will also help you develop a love for the language and share the passion that I have.

I have a huge love for economic's and I would love to share that love with you I will not only help you achieve your grade that you need but I will help you gain a huge understanding of the language and the importance of economic's in today's world

Biology is a subject that someone tricky things and find easier I have been blessed by falling in love with this subject it is a beautiful subject that occurs in our everyday lives and we don't even realise it I would love to teach at see you and show you the importance of this subject and also you will certainly achieve a grade

About Me

I know education is hard and I know it's not always fun but I will try and break it down the best I can and I'll try make it the funniest I can. I want to help you, I want to help you become the better you, a you that will be proud of who you are.


I offer Spanish economics and biology tutoring I share my love and a passion of all three subjects I would love to share that with you


Biology £15
Economics £15
Spanish £15