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Hello! My name is Maria and I'm currently doing a masters degree in Analytical Chemistry at University College London. I've been tutoring maths for 3 years now and I absolutely love it. It's great to be able to help students reach their potential and see them improve their understanding of the subject and their grades! 

About Me

I'm 21 years old and I'm Portuguese. 

At school, I've always enjoyed helping my peers and that encouraged me to start tutoring students after I finished the IB Diploma in 2017. It has been a great experience so far and I can't wait to start tutoring students in the UK.


I offer Maths at GCSE and Maths SL at IB level tutoring.

As a native Portuguese speaker, I'm also skilled to tutor Portuguese at GSCE level and Portuguese B at IB level.

I'm currently only offering tutoring sessions online.


GCSE Other
Portuguese £20 £20
Maths £20 £20


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  • Bachelors - Chemical Engineering Verified

  • Diploma - International Baccalaureate Not Verified

    Grades: Mathematics SL 7 Portuguese SL 7 Physics SL 6 English B HL 6 Chemistry HL 6 Economics HL 5 TOK B Extended Essay (Portuguese) A Overall 40


  • Mother of a studentParent

    Nov 2020
    To whom it may concern: Maria Cocco tutored my daughter Sofia during year 8 and 9. Sofia always struggled with Maths and always had a natural resistance to learn it. She did not believe she could and felt so demotivated and so much behind her colleagues that she had basically given up. Maria came in and patiently started her work with Sofia. She got in touch with Sofia ́s teacher to understand what Sofia ́s issues were and not too long after they started working together Sofia started changing her approach to Math. I asked Sofia to describe why Maria made a difference and here is what she said: • she found different ways for me to understand each topic and even if it wasn’t learnt in school she would find a way to make it suitable for me • she was fun and she is able to make learning fun. I wasn’t bored and I was always intrigued in understanding the topics • she always checked up on me and when we didn’t have class always asked if I wanted help and when I did she would do these presentations to help me understand • she would give me exercises over the week so I practice regularly and when we checked them we would go over each one step by step • Overall when I was with Maria I couldn’t ask for a better tutor she was fun and was incredible in helping me. • She brought up a lot of my confidence and really believed in me she always made sure that I shouldn’t doubt myself • she is someone you can talk to also about what’s going on; I just felt super comfortable • she always makes sure you feel prepared and will do anything to make sure you do even if it means extra classes sometimes or extra worksheets for you • she sometimes does topics that are in the syllabus before the teacher taught it so when I went into class I already knew and was confident! • I really liked having her as my tutor and she really did help me and now I get really good grades in math :))) I don ́t think I could have said it any better! After starting to work with Sofia, Maria also started to work with several of Sofia ́s friends and the result was always very positive. As a mother I can only say THANK YOU! Sofia misses Maria ́s weekly visits but she is now confident enough to keep going on her own. I would not hesitate in recommending Maria to anyone and would be happy to speak to you personally. Kind regards, Susana Alcântara de Melo [email protected] +351 91 2029001