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I am a highly motivated English teacher, passionate about my subject, possessing excellent tutoring and mentoring skills combined with a proven record for good practice enabling students to reach their academic goals at Tiffin Girls’ School, one of the top 4 state schools in the country. I am enthusiastic about applying innovative teaching methods, along with the international experience and outlook required for problem solving challenging issues, while empathising with students.

With excellent subject knowledge, I have the ability to teach English Language & Literature to students at GCSE and A level, focusing on well-structured lessons with clear objectives in order to stretch HAPs, while supporting students of all abilities. In planning lessons I take into account the individual needs and interests of students, using creative and imaginative strategies to encourage self-motivated learning. I have consistently demonstrated in depth subject knowledge and an interest in the GCSE curriculum, and have taught students on a one to one basis including on remote platforms, such as Google Classroom, Google Meet and Zoom.

About Me

My lifelong passion for English Literature motivated me to train as an English teacher, after a successful legal career for approximately 20 years. I have taught at highly academic schools, including The Tiffin Girls’ School and Coombe Girls School, as well as teaching English as a second language in Spain and Abu Dhabi.


•Demonstrated ability to challenge, motivate and inspire students

•Planned lessons to scaffold and differentiate effectively to accommodate students of all abilities

•Planned lessons to reflect on close annotations and response to reading questions by students, to enable them to focus on key KS3 and GCSE texts

•Focused on effective Summative and Formative Assessment including ‘Diagnostic marking’, whereby students are encouraged to respond to feedback following DIRT (Directed Individual Reflection Time)

•Evaluated and Applied GCSE Mark Schemes, advising students of specifics of AO1, AO2, and AO3, allowing them to focus on Self- Assessment

•Encouraged independent research by students relating to key terms and context of prescribed texts

•Provided model answers and exemplars to students on previous GCSE exam questions.

•Established a warm and calm atmosphere for students, while clearly laying down expectations

•Mentored and supported students with CV writing and UCAS forms

•Mentored students to develop good inter-personal, communication and career-enhancing skills, having previously worked as a lawyer in a corporate environment.


I am currently available to offer remote teaching in English language and literature to students of all abilities from ages 11-18. In addition, I am also able to prepare students for 11+ Exams in English and Verbal Reasoning for independent and grammar schools


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