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English Language and Literature teacher. 

About Me

I'm very passionate about learning languages because I'm a polyglot; I speak English and Arabic. I used to speak French but I rarely used it so I have forgotten it now. I was home schooled until GCSE levels. I did my IGCSEs with Cambridge, studied A - Levels in Uxbridge College, and I am furthering my education with Kingston University in the field of English. I currently work as a full time English teacher. I enjoy playing chess, snooker, scrabble and monopoly with my wife. My hobby lies in reading crime, action, mystery and psychological thriller novels.

I was never an 'academic' and I hated studying. After some time, I found the way that works for me that will encourage me to study and learn; and  that was through teaching. So I can relate to those who find it difficult to learn. I inspire, encourage and grow a learning environment that can increase the level of work a student does.


I am offering to tutor academic studies only within the following subjects. I would prefer online teaching over face to face because I travel using bus and/train which is time consuming especially as a currently work full tiem as an English Teacher. I also work as a private interpreter and translator for immigration clientele and I can offer such services if so required. The pricing is of course different from what I offer here as a tutor, but I do not charge as much as those who work full time with lawyers and solicitors.

- English, Maths and Science for KS1 and KS2.

- Arabic MFL (Cambridge), Business, English Language, English Literature and Law (Cambridge) for GCSE and IGCSE.

- Arabic MFL (Cambridge), English Lang.Lit, Law (Cambridge) and Business for A-Levels.

* For immediate contact, you can call me on 07440266006


Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level Adult Other
Other - - £25 - - -
General Science £15 - - - - -
Maths £15 - - - - -
Business Studies - - - £30 - -
Business Studies - - £25 - - -
Law - - - £30 - -
ESOL £30 £30 £30 £30 £30 £30
English - - £25 - - -
English - £20 - - - -
English £15 - - - - -


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening
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Tuesday - - -
Wednesday - - -
Thursday - -
Friday - -


  • TaylorParent

    Oct 2020
    I gotta say my business studies teacher makes the lessons so difficult and gives so much handouts. This guy can tutor business studies and I don't need any handouts. I just need a notebook. I ended up catching up to where the class was before Christmas in my second year. I never thought business studies was so easy. Thanks a lot mate I'm taking it up for A-levels this year. So excited.
  • Tony & BeccaParent

    Oct 2020
    Our 9 year old son is preparing to skip a year. He's pretty great in maths and science, but lacking in English. We were really happy that Muhammed was able to boost his English. Sam's writing has changed and he uses more linking words to join two paragraphs. Sam really liked the new tutor. He learned a lot and is studying comfortably in a higher class this year. Many thanks Muhammed.
  • SelenaParent

    Jul 2020
    My son's been in low Maths since the beginning of this year. I tried 2 tutors before and was reluctant, but I'm happy I found this tutor. My son was finding it difficult to study at average level in school. I was surprised at how he made my son understand his homework. Now my son finishes his maths homework first. You're a real wizard Muhammad. I'll definitely call you again when Andy's falling behind in work.
  • Esther MeadsParent

    May 2018
    Hi In mid 2018 I got Muhammad to tutor my two sons and niece who needed some extra support in English and Science. My kids enjoyed having him as a tutor because he explained the topics really well. I hired him for about 12 weeks and since then my sons have been getting good homework grades. I've been telling my friend that she has to let you teach her nephews. I wonder if she's been in touch. Definitely someone I'd recommend because not many tutors know to how teach a child. Thanks for a wonderful job.