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I am a confident and friendly tutor, who is a 2020 BEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering graduate from the University of Strathclyde currently studying an MSc in Brewing and Distiliing with Entrepreneurship. I have an extremely proficient knowledge of chemistry and maths gained both from my time at school as well as built upon much further in great detail in my Chemical Engineering degree. As a very recent graduate, I have a great understanding of being on the recipient end of being a student and what techniques will benefit the student succesfully. 

I have been tutoring online since June 2020, and have found the most beneficial method in order to help the students is to quickly adapt to the individuals learning style and deliver the topics and questions they may be struggling with in a manner directly suited to them, breaking the learning barrier which may be experienced in the classroom.

I am currently only tutoring online due to the pandemic, however this removes any travel limitations. Feel free to visit my LinkedIn profile via the following link:



I tutor maths and chemistry up to Scottish Higher level.


Maths £25
Chemistry £25


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  • Bachelors - Chemical and Process Engineering Not Verified

    Accredited by IChemE. All Classes completed: Year 1 - Chemistry: Principles And Practice; Practical Chemistry For Chemical Engineers; Basic Principles In Chemical Engineering; Chemical Engineering: Fundamentals, Techniques And Tools; Mathematics; Use And Abuse Of Drugs In Society. Year 2 - Thermodynamic And Chemical Principles; Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer; Chemical Engineering Practice; Process Analysis And Statistics; Process Safety Fundamentals; Applied Mathematics And Problem Solving. Year 3 - Mass Transfer And Separation Processes; Materials Processing And Applications; Ethics, Sustainability And Economics; Chemical Engineering Design And Advanced IT; Chemical Engineering Practice; Biochemical Engineering; Reactors. Year 4 - Process Control And Environmental Technology; Advanced Separations And Problem Solving; Particle Technology And Advanced Reactors; Chemical Engineering Design.