Nigel Maths/Physics/Engineering Tutor Masters

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I have a solid  background in Engineering, encompassing Maths, Physics and Sciences, having graduated from Brunel University with a Masters in Electronic Engineering. I have tutored Maths/Physics at GCSE and A-Level in the past, but dropped it to pursue both a full time career and to support my own children through the schooling system. 

My tutoring style was, and still is one of ensuring that whatever is being taught, it has to be down to earth, straightforward and enjoyable. In this way the information flow works, and by providing a relaxed environment, there will always be a two-way dialogue. Learning is much more effective if it’s seen as a discussion, rather than a lecture. 

I also am able to offer support in CV writing and cover letters, as I have been both interviewee and interviewer on many occasions, and am guiding my son through his first job interviews at the moment. It’s a nerve wracking experience, and especially now, being able to stand out in the crowd is even more vital. 

I am currently based in the Cambridge area, but would prefer on-line/remote tuition as this then provides the greatest flexibility in scheduling. 


GCSE and A-Level Maths

GCSE Physics

GCSE Electronic Engineering

CV, personal statement and cover letter guidance



Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level Professional
Electronics - - £30 - £30
General Science £25 £25 - - -
Maths - - - £30 -
Physics - - £25 - -
Maths £25 £25 £25 - -


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening
Monday - - -
Friday - - -
Saturday - - -
Sunday - - -