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Hey! I’m Nojus (or Noah) and I’m a 3rd year Civil Engineering student at the University of Manchester. I love maths and physics and I’d love to share the knowledge I’ve accumulated throughout my high school and university with you!


Apart from my studies, I enjoy rock climbing, hiking, biking and spending time actively outdoors. I have been rock climbing competitively for a decade now and have won multiple competitions!


I always seek to understand the personal needs, goals and current level of understanding of students to help them better prepare for exams, develop deeper levels of knowledge and a methodical approach, solidify the theory and build confidence in tackling any problem! Asking lots of questions and being curious is a must for effective learning!


I teach maths and physics - I can help you prepare for exams, revise older topics or just consolidate classroom teaching.



Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level Degree Adult
Maths £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15
Physics £15 £15 £15 £15 £15 £15


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    Grades: Mathematics - 10/10 Physics - 10/10 English - 10/10 Geography - 10/10 Lithuanian - 10/10 IT - 10/10 Art - 10/10 State exams: Mathematics - 100/100 Physics - 100/100 English - 100/100