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I have finished my alevels and achieved A*A*A* in maths biology and chemistry. In September I will be studying medicine at the university college London. In my GCSEs I achieved grade 9s in all my subjects. I believe I have been this successful because of my ability to work hard and understand content quickly and this ability could be applied to other students in need. I have a thorough understanding of the subjects therefore can provide excellent service to the pupils. I also am great at starting from the basics and working with the student to slowly develop their understanding to the level they wish. I am patient and will offer as much time and energy that is needed by each student. My methods of teaching have also earned me my qualifications. I often teach from textbooks and sometimes I use real life examples and diagrams to help pupils understand the subjects. I can also set additional work for keen pupils so they can really get those top grades. During my previous tutoring jobs I have observed that those students who complete the additional work I prescribed have gone on to be extremely successful with the subject.

About Me

I have previously voluntarily tutored GCSE students in school who would often be struggling to pass. Using my teaching techniques many eventually went on to achieve Grade 8/9s. My technique of slowly building a pupils knowledge from the basics and slowly upwards has proven extremely effective and those students who did the work I prescribed found their exams extremely easy. Some of the pupils I tutored had learning difficulties and other conditions which hindered their learning however with my approach of one step at time I helped them enjoy and understand the subjects. I am patient and I believe no question is a silly question. Questions are how we learn

I am available 9am - 9pm 7 days a week and from my tutoring experience. I recommend pupils book two separate one hour sessions a week. Maths isn’t learned by memorising but by practice and skill and so I prefer setting a student some work (based on what I’ve taught them) in their first lesson and letting them complete it then going through it with them (answering any questions they have) in the second lesson. This technique has proven most effective and has helped many of my previous pupils achieve A* and go on to do maths as a degree. Similarly I recommend 2 separate one hour sessions for chemistry because I use the same techniques.
For biology I recommend pupils book lessons according to their confidence in the subject. More lessons are usually required by students struggling with the subject and due to the heavy content the subject deals with I prefer to only take on students who are dedicated and enthusiastic about the subject. I also often provide flash cards and mind maps I have made and have previously used to help students. Flash cards and repetition is the best way in my opinion to fully understand biology.
My achievements:
I helped 10 students who were working at a grade B/c when they joined my classes to achieve an A* in their GCSE maths.
I have had work experience in a nursery for a significant period of time and so am able to tutor younger children.
I have set up many chemistry tutoring clubs in my previous school to help students of various abilities achieve their desired grades.


I provide:

  • Alevel and GCSE chemistry tuition 
  • Alevel and GCSE maths tuition 
  • Alevel and GCSE Biology tuition
  • GCSE physics tuition 
  • UKCAT tuition 
  • BMAT tuition 


A-Level Primary KS3 GCSE Degree Adult
Maths - £25 £25 £25 £25 -
Physics - £25 £25 £25 - -
Biology £25 - £25 £25 - £25
Chemistry £25 £25 £25 £25 - £25


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  • PaulParent

    Sep 2020
    Brilliant tutor. He really explained to me how biology works and especialy the complicated process I used to really struggle with. I am so grateful. Thank you very much!!