Pawandeep Padda Outstanding & Experienced: Maths,Science QTS, PGCE, Bachelors

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Positive, dynamic and enthusiastic Mathematics and Science teacher and tutor with 10 years experience. Committed to providing engaging teaching and learning, which will instil in students a passion for learning and changing their lives. Able to establish supportive relationships with pupils and parents with the aim of promoting students’ independence and self-esteem.

• Proven track record of teaching to a high standards at all key stages
• Friendly, trustworthy and attains a proven track record of outstanding student results both in state and grammar schools.
• Excellent subject and curriculum knowledge.
• Good ability to make accurate and productive use of assessments.
• Taught both mix ability group classes and one to one Tuituon 


Worked as a outstanding experienced teaching practitioner at 5 Outstanding/ Good schools in west London. 
Students I have tutored have moved up grades substantially; some pupils have moved up 3 grades in a year for GCSEs.
As a Numeracy Coordinator, I line managed teaching assistants and taught all Key Stages. I was accountable for intervention classes and designing engaging schemes of learning for the Mathematics department. Scrutinised data to analyse and assess progress and collect data, highlighted underachieving pupils as well as higher ability pupils and implemented provisions to challenge pupils to their full potential. 
Bespoke targets/ feedback was given to all pupils.
Management of teaching assistants, NQT and PGCE staff.

During my last observation, conducted by the Deputy Head Teacher and Head Teacher, the following strengths were observed: “careful planning to ensure all students have secure understanding at each point before progressing, challenge embedded in all tasks, very effective questioning to elicit and address any misconceptions, high standards of behaviour and quality of work which all students respond positively, very strong relationship and strong work ethic across the class.”

Organised intervention classes bespoke to the strengths and needs of students during lessons. Responsible for designing Schemes of Learning targeting and focusing on group learning for all abilities. Held AFL training sessions for PGCE colleagues and staff; mentored the cohort on how to plan lessons effectively, as well as assessing pupil progress. Scrutinised pupil data using 4 Matrix to analyse progress 8 scores and highlighted underachieving pupils. Specialised intervention sessions organised for year 11 tailored to pupil’s needs and delivered exam skills for key classes. Excellent communication skills with parents demonstrated during subject evenings and home reports with bespoke targets/ feedback. Maintained an up to date knowledge of curriculum structure, new teaching methodologies and contributed this to all staff at departmental meetings.


• Inspiring, engaging and motivating pupils using different platforms 
• Provide a Challenge so they are able to achieve
• Mastery level of all topics
• Make progress so both the child and parents are aware
• Student should be safe, to allow him/her to contribute to the lesson, asking relevant questions and debating the topic with enthusiasm
• Interacting productively with each other
• Allow the pupil to be able to explain what they are doing and why
• Make the child proud of their achievements during the lesson


About Me

Positive, dynamic and enthusiastic; Outstanding Mathematics/  Science teacher and tutor with 10 years experience. Committed to providing engaging teaching and learning to maximise progress.


*  BiologyPRIMARY£25
*  BiologyKS3£30
*  BiologyGCSE£35
*  ChemistryPRIMARY£25
*  ChemistryKS3£30
*  ChemistryGCSE£35
*  Eleven PlusPRIMARY£35
*  MathsPRIMARY£25
*  MathsKS3£30
*  MathsGCSE£35
*  MathsA-LEVEL£45
*  PhysicsPRIMARY£25
*  PhysicsKS3£30
*  PhysicsGCSE£35


Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level
Biology £25 - - -
Chemistry £25 - - -
Physics - £25 - -
Biology - £30 - -
Chemistry - £30 - -
Physics - £30 - -
Geography £30 £30 £30 -
Geography - - £40 -
Biology - - £35 -
Chemistry - - £35 -
Physics - - £35 -
Maths £25 - - -
Maths - £30 - -
Maths - - £35 -
Maths - - - £45
Geography £25 - - -


Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening


  • QTS - Mathematics Verified


    A Brunel PGCE with recommendation for QTS is a recognised symbol of high quality Initial Teacher Education (ITE). This is demonstrated by Brunel’s outstanding employment rates over time and feedback from Brunel alumni student teachers, our partnership schools and Ofsted inspectors.

  • PGCE - Mathematics Verified

    Brunel’s PGCE in Secondary Education (Mathematics) is designed to prepare you to teach pupils aged 11 to 16 in line with the National Curriculum for Mathematics (DfE, 2013) with a focus on developing their maths skills in preparation for compulsory exams and also for life beyond school. The need for qualified, enthusiastic teachers with an understanding of the demands society places on young people has never been greater. The opportunity to educate children and young people, and learn from them in return, is immensely rewarding. Whether it’s helping someone to have the confidence to move up to higher problem solving, inspiring a budding accountant or maths genius, or creating masters of fractions and percentages in so many work places, your maths teaching will leave a strong legacy.

  • Bachelors - Financial Mathematics Verified

    The Financial Mathematics BSc covers the application of mathematical methods to financial problems so if you’re looking to work in the fast-moving world of finance or commerce then this is the course for you. Two thirds of the course content focuses on developing your mathematical knowledge and skills. The rest of the course covers financial markets, corporate investment and finance.


  • Dr Ian HartParent

    Mar 2015
    I have known Pawandeep Singh Padda for 5 years, during which time I have taught him mathematics. He is a methodical, honest hard working and very persistent student, who has all the attributes to make an excellent employee. His analytical skills, particularly those with a mathematical content are first rate. His attention to detail is very good and is ability to see a job through is excellent. In addition Pawandeep is pleasant polite and has a good sense of humour. I can thoroughly recommend him for employment in this area.