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Hi there!


My names Preeti and I am very passionate about education and learning. I believe it's important that we all continue learning and growing no matter our age. I have a Sociology degree and a MA in history. I speciailse in tailored lesosn plans that accomadate to individual learning styles. Please feel free to message me if you have any questions :) 

About Me

I am passionate about learning and would love to assist students on their learning journey. I have spent much of my adult life in education and it was through my undergrad I discovered my passion for teaching. I like to cater my lessons to each student's individual learning style, it is important for me that I understand what kind of learner the student is and what stimulates them. I like to make my lesson plans according to this information so that they can be both engaing and informative. I teach English, History, and Sociology for all ages as well as teaching English as a foreign language. I have taught children from primary school through to a levels as well as being University tutor. I believe with the right amount of dedication any student can achieve their learning goals!


1:1 English tuition helping students improve writing style, understand texts and prepare for exams. 

1:1 History Tution helping students understand content, analysis skills, reivision technqiues and exam practice. 

1:1 sociology/government and politics/philosophy tuition helping students to reach a better grasp of relevant topics and be able to answer exam style questions. 


As a trainee therapist I have done a lot of work in understanding individual learning styles. I specialise in tailoring my tutoring to each perosns individual learning style and helping a child build confidence as they grow through academia to achieve their goals. 


Primary KS3 GCSE A-Level Degree Adult Professional
Sociology - - £30 £30 £30 £30 -
Philosophy - - £30 £30 £30 £30 -
History £30 £30 £30 £30 £30 £30 £30
English £30 £30 £30 £30 £30 £30 £30


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