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My name is Rohan and I am 16. As a student who has just gone through GCSE and doing A-levels I know exactly how it feels to be struggling on a topic, unable to progress. Therefore, I want to help you on a fastrack to 9s on Chemistry and Biology.

For my GCSE's i got 9s in all the sciences, so you can be confident, that i know all the course.wink

I am taking triple science and single maths for my A-levels as well and hope to be a doctor in the future.


About Me

Since young i have always wanted to be a doctor. So i have and will keep working hard to continue on the long and arduos journey which is compulsury to obtain the job of my dreams.


I have three teaching methods for you to choose from:

1)I can teach you from the beginning of the GCSE course right to the end. (my orderlaugh)

2)I can teach you from the topic you are on at school, so you are always just ahead than in class.

3)You pick the topic, we go over that next lesson. (My favourite and in my opinion the most helpful oneyes).

All have the same prices!



Biology £15
Chemistry £15


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